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How can I top up my state pension?

For many of us in the United Kingdom who are nearing the age of retirement, whatever that is these days, our pension will be the only means of support when the salary cheques stop!

Some of us who have diligently saved and prepared for this event could be congratulating themselves on a job well done. However, but to be taken into consideration are factors, will the pension we receive meet our needs? This could lead you to the next question of how can I top up my state pension?

Counting the cost

The number of people nearing or who have attained retirement and who will or do depend on a pension to support them in their retirement years is decreasing. This has led to a situation whereby those nearing or who have attained retirement age are seeking opportunities for earning extra money.

Naturally, there are various options such as adding to an existing pension scheme or starting a new one! Taking full advantage of your pension contributions during the years prior to retirement offers you an incentive in the form of immediate tax relief.

Alternatively, you can seek the means of earning extra income from another job. If you have already retired then this could be a foremost consideration, otherwise, ask yourself how can I top up my state pension? Although retirement for you may seem to be something in the distant future, time passes quickly and the faster you make decisions now, the better!

One option for those seeking to live a comfortable retirement are taking is setting up an online business.  This can be achieved by setting up a website an earning commissions from other companies for promoting their products. 

This form of online income generation is called affiliate marketing.  I’ve written a separate article explaining support you can access for setting up this kind of business – click here to read an article explaining how to set up an online business.

Job 1 Driver

There are opportunities made available for drivers by various organizations and businesses that have deliveries or errands that entail transportation. In many instances, they do not warrant employing a driver on a permanent basis.

Amongst them is work as a Day Care driver which can be a satisfying and interesting job helps others at the same time. It is an opportunity with potential if you have the empathy and work commitment to become part of a progressive organization that has a mission of improving the lifestyles of others. This is just one opportunity available at

Job 2. Customer Services Representative

This is a job that could involve you in providing information to customers and introducing new ranges of products and/or services’ to them. It could earn you an income that would help alleviate concerns regarding how can I top up my state pension? You would have the responsibility of dealing with both new and existing customers and the advantage of working in a productive and stimulating environment.

An outgoing personality will be an asset in adapting to the continuously changing needs of customers and their support. You will be called upon to not only establish a rapport directly with customers face-to-face but also with the telephone. With a good working PC knowledge, and a working background in the financial services’ industry would be assets.


Help and information are two valuable and much-needed properties in this constantly developing and changing world. This is a job that would require you to give efficient and effective service in a “Helpline” environment that offers inbound and outbound contact. Your personality and expertise would help provide information and understanding to the elderly, their families and carers.

Effective communication abilities are naturally criteria as is an awareness of the challenges that affect the lives of older citizens. Your inherent skills and empathy will be instrumental in assisting those in need of help to negotiate and cope with daily and for them, important issues in their everyday lives. For other interesting work in many fields visit which could help you determine “how can I top up my state pension?”

Job 4. General Maintenance

This type of job offers a wide and varied range of opportunities. In general, you will need some previous experience and be able to work flexible hours and pass a standard security procedure. If you are the holder of a current DBS, previous CTC clearance or have previous experience in a similar working environment then you could be a positive fit for a job of this nature.

Keep in mind that your duties could include the need to climb ladders, to change light globes and also involvement in the moving of furniture. For a wide selection of available jobs in many fields visit: and discover some interesting work that could help with any issues regarding “how can I top up my state pension?”


It has been generally realized in various quarters that as many of the fifties and over aged working population as possible should be motivated to stay in the job market, for a variety of reasons. One in particular, could be those concerned about “how can I top up my state pension?” and if this includes you, then you should be pleased to learn that you are among those considered to be a “vast untapped talent.

Your experience and inherent knowledge are valuable commodities, which are in turn huge assets to our economy. It has been determined by various researches in the retail industries that older personnel have the likelihood of being more empathetic with consumers and produce greater effort in all respect towards meeting their needs.

At the same time, the “older folk” are an excellent example for the younger generations and can significantly contribute towards their mentoring. But, it doesn’t stop there! It was also seen that amongst the older generation there were fewer job losses in the UK than with younger workers, particularly during recessional periods. This is generally recognized as being an indication of confidence related to their skills, integrity and hard work.

For anyone concerned about the issue of how can I top up my state pension? You have the satisfaction and security of knowing that you are in demand in the workplace. It is also recognized that the population is living and working for a longer age and can offer comparatively many years of healthy service to employers.

What is the state pension in Ireland?

Retirement is a word that has many and different connotations for various people, especially those of a mature age. It can mean that you have now achieved the distinction of being called a Senior Citizen. There is nothing wrong with that except for those who as what is the state pension in Ireland and how is your lifestyle going to change?

Some facts associated with pensionable age are that we today have extended lifespans, and some volatility on the stock markets upsetting some of our retirement plans! The main thing is that there are positive alternatives for you to consider, such as supplementing your state pension with another job.

Job 1. Blogging

Most of the population is computer aware to one degree or another. In any event, Blogging can be seen as being part of the social network scenario and could arguably be seen as an ideal work-from-home job, for those who have concerns regarding what is the state pension in Ireland!

To be a blogger, you do need any particular educational requirements or training. All you need is an aptitude to work with words and be to be familiar enough with your PC to be able to master various management applications.

You can create multiple streams of income from your website in a relatively straight forward way.  Many well known companies, such as Amazon, offering website owners the opportunity of earning commission from any customers who get referred to their website.  When starting out in this form of online business it’s useful to have access to some professional training such as that available at Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ve written an article explaining the best way of making a success of this business opportunity – click here to read this article. 

If you’re an expert on a subject matter this can be your entrance into Blogging by creating clips for online publications in your field. However, whilst this ideal for testing the water, transfer your valuable experience into money, and start earning your supplementary income.

Job 2. Consultancy work

If you enjoyed a career during your working life and would like to continue with it on a part-time basis after finding out what is the state pension in Ireland then acting as a freelance consultant could be the answer for you.

You have an inherent expertise and significant experience behind you, which you can turn to your advantage. This can be achieved either by working for a previous employer or for other organizations in comparable fields.

Regarding your payment; you could begin by dividing you past earnings into payment-per-hour, and at the same time include health and retirement benefits, as well as expenses. You could discover that your work as a freelance consultant offers a higher income than you were paid as an employee!

Work within reason

Regardless of what is the state pension in Ireland or whether you need to supplement your income, or you just want to remain active during retirement; part-time work can be a solution. However, all part-time jobs are not on an equal footing, because whilst some are more suited to older workers, others are best left to the younger generations, especially the physically challenging work!

Job 3. Bookkeeper –Tax ADVISER

For anyone with an accounting background bookkeeping and taxation could open the door to various financially viable opportunities. These are everyday issues that affect every business, no matter its size. It can also work well for you due to tax preparation being generally to a specified tax season. This could mean your work as a bookkeeper would be conveniently balanced for the remainder of the year.

As far as you own possible issues are concerned regarding what is the state pension in Ireland you are, with your new income-earning venture in a more favorable financial position.

With your past experiences, you are probably familiar with a computer and accounting software programs. At the same time, you would no doubt have developed a trained view related to detail and have the necessary interpersonal skills that will enable you to communicate effectively with clients and various employees. Make a visit to; for some other job options.

Job availability

Some positive motivation for you is that there are a wide variety of part-time jobs to meet most requirements, no matter personal preference, the skill sets or professional background. Whether you are office-oriented or would like to get out and about or work at home, there is something for you and your preference.

Job 4. Dog Walker – Pet Sitter

For any animal lover, being in their company is not only a pleasure but is for many therapeutic. It is a relaxing environment which has been adopted by many people worldwide, in some case as a full-time occupation but usually on a part-time basis.

The majority of dog owners for instance, if they have demanding jobs and busy family members, can experience difficulties when called upon to walk-the-dog! This type of animal requires regular exercise which means walking it, which is where you enter the scene. It is one that can take you away from concerns about what is the state pension in Ireland and provide you with a whole new outlook. It also gives you a very welcome earning potential.

If you want to extend your services, then as a Pet Sitter you can enjoy the company of various animals within their own home environment. This can keep you particularly active during holiday periods and provide you with a comfortable income. For further information, go to:


If you are concerned about what is the state pension in Ireland you are not alone. Various researches show that one in five workers over 60-years believe they will not be able to retire at the given age and will have to extend their working life. Of this number, 50-percent say they will have to work until they reach 70-years and it’s therefore, to be expected that about 8-percent of workers, 55-years or older, have reportedly created a second income.

Irrespective of whether you need to work, want some extra income for an easier life or just like being active, part-time work is a solution well worth considering! As far as your retirement date is concerned, the average retirement age specified in contracts of employment is 65-years. However, there are various provisions for early retirement from the age of sixty years or even at 55-years, with special provisions for an early retirement for health reasons.

Average state pension UK

As our populations now have a longer life expectancy, some pensioners have grown tired of trying to cope with rising costs, with their relatively small average state pension UK. Instead of sitting and bemoaning their plight, with confidence and true spirit they are seeking opportunities for making extra income.

This attitude has helped them not only with their cash flow each week but has also enabled them in keeping active, establish contact with new people and given them a new and stimulating interest in life! It has even resulted in some of them establishing businesses.

One such business opportunity is to start an online internet business.  Many retired people around the world have really enjoyed learning how to go about doing this with the support of a global community of online business owners such as that available at Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ve written a separate article explaining how to start your online business – click here to read this article. 

If you fit the above profile or would like to test the waters of employment here are a few jobs for you to consider, or get some ideas from.

Job 1. Become a Tutor

There is a seemingly endless stream of people of all ages who want to learn something. In many instances, they are seeking extra tuition on particular subjects to enhance their school, college or work careers. This is where you can start thinking about supplementing your average state pension UK and at the same time, help and empower other people;

Whether you are adept with a musical instrument, or a particular language(s) there are many searching, and ready to pay someone who can provide the necessary teaching. Alternatively, you could be proficient in mathematics or economics but whatever your skill is, you can add to your pension with a group or individual tutoring. A website for some original ideas:

Otherwise, if you want to see what this market can offer in your immediate home community; advertise your particular capabilities in the local libraries and supermarkets. You could be in for a pleasant surprise with the extra money to help with the average state pension UK.

Job 2. Join a Focus Group

The skills associated with market research are always in demand, particularly in this age of increasing online business. Marketing organizations’ are continually seeking the services of people to join focus groups, such as irrespective of age.

Generally, they are looking for individuals who have the time to offer a couple of hours giving their personal opinions related to products or services under review. Alternatively, the group could be asked to discuss and comment on an advertising campaign. Refreshments are provided and at the conclusion of a session, you are handed payment for the time you have given.

If you are looking to extend your income over and above the average state pension UK you could also consider making extra money from becoming an agent on behalf of a marketing organization and recruit other people to take part in the Focus Groups.

These groups are a great place to discuss views and opinions and also offer excellent opportunities to meet people.

Job 3. Sitting House

This could in context be described as a comfortable job for someone seeking to make some money over and above their average state pension UK. As per the description, it involves taking care of, or sitting, a home while the occupants are away. It could also include taking care of any pets.

This is an occupation for a single person or a couple. One of the most positive aspects being as far as you are concerned is that the highest demand for “House Sitters” is for those over the age of sixty. The reason generally given for this statistic is that this age group is seen as being more trustworthy than those of a younger age. In addition, they are more flexible and prepared to stay in a home during weekends and holidays.

You can enter this marketplace by contacting an agency You can start by joining an agency such as who will match you with compatible clients.

Although usually not seen as having a great earning capacity it can be an occupation to make that all important difference to your income from the average state pension UK. In effect, it could be seen as a working, paid holiday!

Job 4. Leaflets delivery

For anyone who enjoys exercise and viewing what is happening in various local neighborhoods, this could be the ideal job. It includes delivering a variety of content that can include the local newspaper, advertising pamphlets, and more. It is a job in demand due to promotional directories companies needing people to deliver their products or fliers on a regular basis.

One such contact is; The work can vary between delivering leaflets through letter boxes and delivering packages of magazines or using your car to deliver newspapers at strategic points. It is a healthy means of adding to your average state pension UK.

It is your choice whether you want to work directly by making contact with restaurants and shops in need of leaflet deliveries or go via an agency, such as Payment is generally on an hourly basis and it also a great way to meet new faces in new places!


Various researches related to average state pension UK and the situations of various pensioners have indicated that significant increases in the cost of living were influencing their lifestyles. In some instances, it has seemed that the older citizens are to an extent being either ignored or forgotten. This was an opinion expressed regarding the recent budget speech, when the word “pensioner” was not mentioned.

This is in stark comparison to the year 2015 when George Osborne mentioned it on several occasions. However, for those pensioners who feel neglected, there are plenty of opportunities for you in the outside world to supplement your pension.

It can mean some dedicated research and effort, but why not spend some time on improving your lifestyle! Companies across the UK are looking for experienced, trustworthy people for a wide and varied range of jobs. The ones mentioned in this article are just a fraction of what is available for you.

You have the opportunity to make a significant difference in your lifestyle and gain the means to make the most of your mature years!

Work from home jobs for free

Having to confront the issue of not working for any reason or having too much spare time on your hands rouses different sentiments in different people! For some, it’s the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sensation of freedom away from the madding crowd. For others, it can induce the sensation of isolation, the fear of losing contact and confronting that dreaded state of mind known as “boredom” or not being needed.

However, for many, it’s the creation of an opportunity for a whole new vision of what you’re capable of. This can mean exploring a new dimension of personal freedom in the workplace and especially, work from home jobs for free. It is also the signal for you to determine what type of job will truly give you the greatest satisfaction?

Many people in this position have considered setting up their own online business with the support of a global community of like minded individuals such as that available at Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ve written a separate article explaining how to set up your own online business click here to read that article. 

Add to this that your efforts can also benefit those with lifestyle challenges, then you have a new career that offers unlimited potential. Listed below are some job ideas that could change and challenge your perspective on how to enjoy a new working environment.

Job 1. IT Support Analyst

This is an opportunity for those even with other commitments, and who are seeking motivation and job-satisfaction in the form of a work-lifestyle balance. As a voluntary IT Support Analyst, you have the opportunity to assume a prominent role within an IT team and experience work from home jobs for free. The position requires remote online IT expertise for support to various locations in the UK.

An efficient knowledge of Microsoft Office and Windows 10 is crucial, with experience in the administrating of IT systems and supporting staff with IT issues. In addition, any recognized education, training or qualifications in the IT field would be a contributory factor.

Visit to explore the various advantages associated with work from home jobs for free. These can include offering support and costs for you to become Microsoft Certified and providing professional development opportunities.

Job 2. Research Network Volunteer

This is a position that does not require an academic or research-oriented background. It is one that will appeal to you in the event of your having direct experience related to the condition of dementia. Particular influences could be your living with dementia or having the experience of caring for someone with this condition. Of further interest to you could be the inspiration and motivation of becoming associated with the crucial aspects of dementia research.

There is a wide variety of work from home jobs requiring many and various applications and you could have the capacity to make a positive impact on many lives.

A contact point for you is; and your research capabilities will contribute towards the effort directed towards various research programs. A primary objective related to this job would be the reviewing of research applications, received in batches during the course of 12-months. However, depending on your specific interests and availability there are other opportunities for you to become involved in this type of valuable research. It is a flexible position and you have the option of contributing as much time as you can spare.

Job 3. Cancer Research UK

Cancer is a subject that has and is receiving increased attention worldwide, with sufferers showing remarkable courage and determination in their attempts to combat this scourge. With this in mind, work from home jobs for free provide the means to project the empathy and motivational inspiration with other volunteers, who can help effect positive change in their communities.

You will become involved in an innovative concept supported by an established organization. Working with a committee, the motivation is towards planning and raising vital funds crucially needed for new and original research. It will involve helping with the organizing of events, as well as creating an exciting aura and perception about the concept of raising funds to beat cancer!

You can create, develop, and promote social media pages focused on your area and help in attracting attention towards cancer research. To gain further information regarding jobs of this nature, go to

Your involvement in this type of work offers you the satisfaction of making a valuable contribution to potentially life-saving research. You have the opportunity of being an integral part in helping gain valuable research that could impact on anyone and everyone within your community and beyond.

Job 4. Telephone Volunteer

Loneliness has surprisingly in our modern social media motivated world of today become almost commonplace. It is particularly prevalent in those living practically in isolation, such as those with certain medical conditions. This is to the extent that work from home jobs for free includes the need for what are known as “side-by-side telephone volunteers.

This is a valued means of relieving the inherent loneliness and sensation of isolation of those sufferers of various medical conditions like dementia. This is achieved by companionship generated by the phone. With your support, it can help in improving the well being of someone and at the same time reduce the risk posed by the factor of isolation, often experienced by people with medical issues.

The “Side-by-Side” telephone technique offers the advantage that can make a significant difference in a person’s life with little time being required. However, the results and benefits achieved can in many instances, be regarded as remarkable! For more information, visit

Just consider that the sound of your friendly voice can make a significant difference to someone to whom loneliness is the norm!


As a member of work from home jobs for free fraternity, you have the opportunity to gain new and unique experience and skills that can assist you in your personal and career development. Time today is for many of us a critical aspect of our lives. However, this type of commitment has the power of making positive and long-lasting differences in your life and in those with whom you have contact.

How do you get involved? Well, that’s relatively easy because all you need do is decide what interests or motivates you! It could relate to something you have experienced in the past or one that could motivate you for the future.

One thing is for sure, whichever work you choose, it will make that all important difference to someone!


Work from home jobs for disabled people

Having a strategy in any form of endeavor can make the difference between a frustrating experience and a successful result. This can apply when you decide to search for work from home jobs for disabled people. Having some awareness of the type of job you searching for, as well as what you don’t want to do can save some time, energy and a lot of frustration.

It can mean just deciding on which field or industry you’d like to be part of and if you possess the required skills for the job. It can also help if you determine your personal strengths for a faster assessment when looking at the many and varied job advertisements! To help you start, and get some ideas, decide on the number of work hours you can give to a job, and whether you want full-time or part-time employment.

In various instances, employers offer flexible working hours, which can be adapted to meet your particular needs. The next decision is deciding if you want permanent or temporary work? To help you get started on your search experience, listed below are some potential occupations and links to sources of employment.

Job 1. Work with Social Media

This type of job can involve you in helping companies, web and blog sites owners, as well as independent entrepreneurs to establish and attract traffic on the Internet.  Setting up your own website is a great way of generating an online income.  I’ve written an article about creating an online income click here to read this article. 

The power of social media is widely recognized worldwide. However, knowledge of how to use to the full advantage such as by creating engaging content and social media marketing campaigns can for many be a challenge.

This type of work offers you exciting and interesting opportunities but it also requires time and effort. Depending upon specific client needs you could be required for a variety of services, such as attracting an appropriate audience or monitoring client profiles and their social media accounts. Adding to this you could be called upon to help in managing a Face book page and associated advertising.

This is a job that requires versatility dedication and an inherent awareness of how social media operates. Again depending upon client requirements, and your skills your work could entail proof-reading or a content editor. For further information view

Job 2. Peace work

This may sound a strange term in this day and age but the definition of Peace Work is that you as a worker will be paid for the number of completed product items, or “pieces” you produce instead of on an hourly rate or a determined salary. But, a minimum wage for piecework in the UK does apply but look out for any low rate which can mean you working for less than the legal minimum wage.

A popular past form of employment in many industries, peace work offered a foundation for many home based jobs, especially within the garment and light assembly industries. However, due to increased competition from low-wage countries in the Far East, the amount of available piecework has significantly decreased.

Although home production and assembly jobs are not as readily available today in the UK as they were, there are still some viable home opportunities to be found on the Internet.

Job 3. Virtual assistant

This is a high-potential job, contributed to by the fact of it covering a wide and varied range of related aspects. What it does mean is that it’s an opportunity for flexible and versatile workers, with a variety of skills and talent.

A visit to could open some doors of opportunity for you, including even establishing your own Virtual Assistant business. However, if you are more interested in the basic work from home aspect then you could become associated with a company that represents you and in turn makes you available to their clients and other employers.

If you are searching for work from home jobs for disabled people small businesses find it cost-effective to hire Virtual Assistants on a temporary basis if they cannot justify a permanent employee position.

As a matter of interest, the International Virtual Assistants Association, founded in the 1990s, was formed with 28-members but today boasts over 600-members!

Job 4. Translator

If you have been or are thinking about surfing the Internet for work and you have fluency in a language in addition to English you could consider an occupation as a translator. This occupation involves language translation for documents or audio files, not only in the context of written or recorded text but also related to the communication of cultural differences.

This is an international job opportunity because it enables potential employers to access work-from-home translators in any country with the required language skills. This is of particular interest and a significant asset in these days of globalization and ever-increasing international trading.

Various reports indicate that this particular work-need hat includes translators and interpreters, boasts a projected increase in employment faster than the average of the majority of all other occupations. For more job concepts and ideas, view


Your profile as seen by any prospective employer is an image of you, which means when it’s placed in front of a decision maker, you basically have one chance to make a favorable impression. Therefore, it is worth taking some time to compile a profile that will impact and is structured to fully present you as a person and your capabilities.

Your search for a job means taking the initiative, so don’t be shy about contacting organisations you would like to work for. Whether they are advertising or not, you have nothing to lose and your bold approach could even motivate them to review potentially vacant positions. This is your working life, therefore, be positive and promote yourself and your skills in every way you can. It could be an advantage if you e-mail your profile with a brief introductory letter to various companies.

The more avenues you explore, in your quest for work from home jobs for disabled people greater, are your chances of discovering some incredible opportunities.

Legitimate work from home jobs for moms

As a work-from-home Mom, you will have the opportunity of not only being free and flexible to manage your own time but to find a job that could be your dream one. It can be a job that will provide you with financial rewards and crucially, job satisfaction!

When we look at the various aspects associated with legitimate work from home jobs for moms they can advantage employers and employees. From the point of view of employers, a home-based employee can save them significant overhead and operational costs. For the employee, you can enjoy the flexibility, saving on commuting costs and conveniently combining your home and working environments to suit you and your family.

Here are some suggestions that may interest you.

Job 1. Internet marketing

Many moms enjoy the flexibility of earning an income using their laptop and the power of the internet.  By setting up your own website on a topic which is of interest to you it’s possible to earn regular commissions by promoting relevant products or services.

The earning potential of this opportunity is literally limitless.  Your website can be accessed by people anywhere on the planet and is available 24 / 7.  It can be working for your during your sleep.

There is a lot to learn in order to make a success of this opportunity and I have written an article explaining how to set up this businessclick here to read this article. 

Job 2. Editor and/or Writer

When the subject of writing in mentioned there is generally a response of in many cases, disbelief. However, writing is not just spending months on the world’s greatest novel and although it may not be amongst the easiest of legitimate work from home jobs for moms, it does offer complete versatility. This must be an influencing factor for moms seeking a work-at-home opportunity.

The types of writing jobs available are many and varied for a freelance writer who has the initiative and is prepared for a new and mind-opening experience. To help you further explore this scenario, visit;

There is a variety of levels available from which your work-from-home writing career can be launched, with the obvious one being the Internet. As with any other new business, you cannot start at the top, therefore, the first criteria, are, to begin with relatively low paying jobs but will help in establishing your writing credentials.

Alternatively, depending upon your aptitude, and capabilities, you could direct your attention towards proofing and editing. With these types of jobs, although many writers may work during regular business hours, generally, a great deal of the work is flexible and can be completed at a time that suits your schedule.

Job 3. Market cards from home

Birthdays, Christmas and every other type of cards have not only retained their popularity in the UK but as market reports show, the British public is spending more money on them than ever previously! This is not only good for the economy but also if you are looking for legitimate work from home jobs for moms!

Cards send a message which can express our sentiments, related to any and every occasion or event. Christmas is a particularly special time and for those selling cards, it is also an extremely rewarding time. If you have an interest in this market then a visit to could provide you with some interesting information.

As an independent partner, you can reap the benefits of a business structure that offers you the opportunity of building an income and business at your own determined pace. In addition, you have the option of also selling stationary items. You can enjoy flexible hours and promote your success with your unique personality.

Job 4. Promote company products

This could be seen as an exceptional opportunity. No previous experience is required and you can generate an income by using your desktop, Smartphone or tablet.

You are provided with a platform designed to permit customers access to exclusive discounts offered by some worldwide recognized top brands. You will be financially rewarded for promoting their offers to customers from commission paid by advertisers for new sign-ups. We are looking for people to trial the offers available in return for a share of the commission we receive.

A visit to will provide more details for you but this is an opportunity that enables you to be in control of your life. You have the advantage of an unlimited earning power, no deadlines to meet and you can also take full advantage of all promoted offers to customers.

Job 5.  Franchising

With the advent of the Internet and computer literacy, franchising has developed into, in many cases, lucrative and legitimate work from home jobs for moms. It is a contributing reason for franchising being viewed as a particularly viable business model for women. If you are also a parent, franchising offers two crucial benefits; a balance between your home and work life, and a challenge that offers personal and financial rewards!

You can extend your search for your ideal work-from-home job at; According to a NatWest survey, the franchising market has seen remarkable growth as independent entrepreneurs applied their initiative and proved they can make it work even in the toughest of economies!

Admittedly, launching your own business can seem a formidable task. However, in the franchising world, you will have some backup. Any reputable franchise will provide training and support, usually direct from the franchiser and head office. In addition, you can call upon a network of experienced franchisees who also started by seeking legitimate work from home jobs for moms!


There are many and worthwhile work from home jobs for moms advertised on the Internet. They offer in some instances, amazing opportunities for inexperienced people to enter and establish their own enterprise. Generally, there is no fee required and training is part of the offer.

On that note, the same Internet is full of fraudsters with false promises of wealth. If you are seeking a work-from-home job do not be fooled by any offer that seems too good to be true. It usually is! Similarly, if there is any question of an upfront payment or any kind of fee requested, to join an amazing money-making dream, press the exit button

This is an exciting experience for you and one that can be turned into a great success. Reputable organizations are seeking reliable work-from-home Moms for flexible, part-time work and they are prepared to support you in your venture. As you search the wide and varied range of work from home jobs for moms keep in mind this old business proverb; “read the small print carefully.”


Work from home jobs for people with disabilities

Searching for any job can at first appear to be a daunting task particularly if you have not been employed for a long period. However, when you possess knowledge that assists you in finding work from home jobs for people with disabilities and you know the type of job you are seeking, then life can become easier. Take into consideration your skills and the hours you would like to work? There are Jobs available on a full-time basis, and temporary.

In certain instances, jobs can offer flexible working hours, and even arrange for them to meet your particular circumstances and situation. You should also consider whether you are looking for permanent or temporary work. The Internet now offers many and varied opportunities for those with disabilities!

One exciting opportunity is setting up your own income producing website.  I’ve written a separate article about how to go about doing that – click here to read this article.

Job 1. Customer care representative

Customer care is a crucial part of any business and if you are comfortable speaking on the phone and resolving issues this could be an ideal opportunity for you. It has been the case in many instances that this type of occupation has been sourced out to other non-native English-speaking countries.

The perception regarding this outsourcing has changed to a significant degree due to organizations realizing that their help-seeking customers have been inconvenienced by language and cultural complications. This has opened doors of opportunity for those seeking work from home jobs for people with disabilities.

It is a job that brings you into contact with many people and is always interesting. This is due to the nature of the conversations you have with the various customers and the challenges posed in your making someone’s day a lot better!

Job 2. Securities Traders

The function of s Securities trader is selling securities, for example, stocks private individuals and companies. In addition, you would link buyers and sellers within different markets, as well as trading products such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

However, this is one of the “work from home jobs for people with disabilities” that demands more, because you will be called upon to advise firms seeking investors. Due to the advantages of computers and the Internet, this job is one that you can benefit from at home. For more information visit;

To make an application for this type of work you will need the required education and appropriate skills, with a minimum requirement being a bachelor’s degree in business or finance. Alternatively, a Master of Business Administration supported by proven sales, communications abilities, analysis, and mathematical capabilities. If you meet the determined job specifications this is a wonderful earnings’ opportunity!

Job 3. Artist in Fine Arts and Crafts

If you are someone who has creative and perseverance abilities in the form of drawing, painting, woodworking or sewing clothing, and are prepared to work hard, this work from home jobs for people with disabilities could be for you!

Selling fine art and crafts online can be highly rewarding and can be turned into a financial and personally satisfying career. It is ideal if you have the artistic talents and are seeking a means of expressing them. Further advice can be gained at;

It is your choice whether your particular medium is in crafting from clay, wood, metal, glass, or another material. One aspect of this opportunity which should encourage you is that today, it has never been easier or more convenient to design and present an online shop for selling your creations to an ever-searching audience of buyers.

While many creative fine art and craft artists do attend art school, for others practice and experience can be all that is needed!

Job 4. Selling online

The Internet is alive with a vast audience looking for bargains to buy, which can be anything and everything. If you have a particular creative talent and enhance it by putting in some research time and discover what are the best-sellers in that category. This offers you the potential of lucrative work from home jobs for people with disabilities.

Instead of making items to sell, discover what people want to buy. Use the power of the Internet to find possible sources of people who are seeking outlets for their own home-created products. If you have the skills to manufacture your own sale able items cost-effectively, then that is your starting point, Visit this site for some more ideas:

Remember, there are many people throughout the UK who are also seeking work from home jobs for people with disabilities. They could possess a wide range of talent and even be producing sale able products, for example, knitted garments and would welcome an online sales outlet for them. This can include the DIY producers among many others, who are waiting for the right opportunity to arrive, which could be you!


Developing your existing talent and skills

There is an abundance of people looking for work from home jobs for people with disabilities who can offer a wide and varied range of skills in all their forms. There is a huge volume of talent available which has been developed and which in the right environment and given the right opportunity can provide a satisfying career outlet with a supportive income. If you are part of this latent skills and creative talented population then The Guild of Disabled Homeworkers could be of assistance; contact them at;

They offer retail outlets from which people with disabilities can present and sell their work to the public. The guild does not take any commission on the sales you make with all proceeds fed directly to the producer of the products. It makes an exceptional opportunity for those who have the skills and are looking for work from home jobs for people with disabilities.

The opportunities for many confined-to-home people are today wide and varied and in most respects, you possess a skill or a talent that is market-related. It’s just a question of letting your fingers walk across your computer keyboard!

Work from home jobs for retired people

In this world of rising costs and getting less for your money, many retired people are finding that it’s becoming more of a challenge to pay the bills. What in the past seemed at first seemed a comfortable and livable retirement package now has been reduced to just getting by. On the other hand, you could be in a situation that having retired from a stimulating occupation, you are finding that time hangs heavily on your hands and you need some stimulation.

Whatever your reason, you have made the decision to rejoin the workplace, and are seeking work from home jobs for retired people!

One exciting opportunity is to creating an income online. I’ve written an article about how to go about doing this click here to read my article on setting up a money making website.

The job market is waiting for you

If you are feeling any sense of trepidation about re-launching yourself into the job market, forget it! There are many and varied opportunities for retired folk and keep in mind that you possess something that cannot be bought; experience. Another thought for you, is that there are student loans available to you that enable you to learn new skills and start a completely new career. Some valuable information regarding available jobs can be found at However, listed below are examples of the work from home jobs for retired people, which are only a few of those available to you!

Job 1. Earn cash for surveys

If you either have a particular talent or enjoy talking to people on the phone, you can be paid for doing what you like. Companies are prepared to pay you reasonable money for your opinions.

Taking online surveys offers convenient work from home jobs for retired people and take a short space of your time. Depending on those you select, they are usually uncomplicated, as well as fast to complete. If you prefer a more technical route then market research organizations are prepared to pay you relatively very well for your time in a focus group session.

Generally, they are easy to fill in and can pay very well for the few minutes of the time you spend; visit; for more information. Alternatively, market research groups are prepared to pay up to £50 to people who are willing to spend a couple of hours at a focus group session. A starting point for you could be!

Just one thing to keep in mind; do not consider paying so-called ‘membership fees’ to gain access to market research firms. They are easy to find directly by surfing the Internet.

Job 2. Paid exam assessments from home

These are work from home jobs for retired people that will be close to the hearts of ex-educators or those who want to make a difference and help the younger generations. A reference for this one is:

During your spare time in the summer months, retired teachers, and other qualified persons are required by exam assessment boards. Generally, it involves marking “GCSE” and “A Level” papers. To start this extremely worthwhile career you need a computer and if you are apprehensive about the job content, there is no need to be.

You will receive online training from the board to ensure your marking is consistent. If you have qualifications in the English language or a good knowledge of it, or history, and science these are subjects that particularly need your expertise! As with any occupation, there are certain deadlines but due to the computer program being available to you 24 x 7, you are able to utilize effective time-management.

Payment is made according to each paper completed and the amount will be determined by the subjects and the number of scripts.


Job 3. Host Foreign students

This is an interesting opportunity for those considering work from home jobs for retired people. Within the main cities of the UK, there are many schools teaching foreign languages. Accommodation across the country is generally limited and for those seeking it, finding a suitable place to stay can be a challenge. This is a particular application related to these schools continuously searching for student accommodation, which includes businessmen and women.

You can learn more about this type of opportunity by visiting, Very often all that is required by the schools for the students is a bed and breakfast facility and an evening family meal. If you have a vacant spare room, this can offer you the means of utilizing it for an excellent purpose and reward you financially.

It’s generally recognised that the demand for this accommodation is between April and September. In the event of you being concerned about your life being disrupted, the students are usually away from the house by 08h00 and do not return until the early evening and their meal.


Job 4. Ironing and/or Laundry service

This is a work from home jobs for retired people opportunity waiting for you in these days of everyone being busy and on the move. By your investing a few hours of time each day, you could reap a not insignificant financial return. You need a reliable iron, with a spare one advisable, and some sturdy coat hangers; keeping in mind that men can also wield a mean iron! This all helps in creating a good impression, supported by some business cards, with the offer, if possible, of a collection-and-return service.

Your local businesses are a good target market with you only needing about 5-customers from a single location. This proves more cost and time-efficient than five different areas. Having the facilities for a shirt wash and iron service will increase your service popularity!

As you look for work from home jobs for retired people conduct some research on what is happening to the laundry in your area, and what comparable services offer.


As a retired person you must be considered as being a free agent, which is an appealing thought when it involves you having the freedom regarding the type of job you can choose. It’s a free and wide open market in which to launch you no matter for what reason.

Setting up your own internet business is an opportunity many retired people are the world are realising with the support of Wealthy Affiliate.

There are a vast number of opportunities waiting for you to pursue and take advantage of them. It’s simply a question of searching for your preferences. Your own motivation will help determine the most suitable occupation for your personal needs and satisfaction!


Online work for the disabled

There are many people in all walks of life seeking supplementary incomes, including those who are able-bodied and those who are disabled. If you are considered one of the latter you should not feel discouraged because there are many and varied work-from-home and online jobs available to you. It’s mainly a question of finding the right source.

One fantastic opportunity is to make money with affiliate marketing by setting up and running your very own niche website. I’ve written a comprehensive article about how to go about doing this – click here to read that article.

However, before we take you into the online work for the disabled that is available, we must determine the main skills you need to help you make a success of your online job!

What you can offer employers

No matter whether you are able-bodied or disabled, or the type of work you are seeking, in general, there are determined requirements you need to meet to satisfy a potential employer for an online occupation. The first, logically, are some basic skills and familiarity with a computer; for example:

  • A working comprehension of English
  • Surfing and searching on the Internet
  • Emailing,
  • Writing a document

There is no problem if English is not your native language, providing you are capable of understanding it, speaking, and writing in the language with relative ease. For any independent worker, in the field of online work for the disabled, there is the factor of Self Discipline. This is an essential asset in keeping you motivated, to maintain performance and a regular work schedule, despite not having a boss looking over your shoulder!

Having established those guidelines for you, here are a few jobs that could set you on the road to business success!

Representative – Customer Service

If you are an outgoing individual with an even temperament, an aware listener who can assist people with issues can multi-task and think fast, a Customer Service representative could be the job for you. Various organizations and companies offer this type of job to people with disabilities, including:

In this particular online work for the disabled, if you possess the aforesaid qualities, a position in Customer Service will provide job satisfaction. Your responsibilities could include helping answer products and account-related questions from customers. In addition, you could be involved with some technical support and various other services by way of the Internet or on the phone.

In the event of your being bilingual, there could be even more opportunities available to you.

Freelance Writing and Editing

If the resume you offer regarding online work for the disabled includes your being well versed in the English language and enjoy the written word, then you could be a strong candidate for Freelance Writing and Editing. Initially, it could take some start-up time from launching your profile and receiving offers. However, once you have become recognized and completed some successful assignments, your reputation can become established and your pay rate rises accordingly.

This is an international job with your first step after signing up with, for instance, will be to present your online portfolio, designed to attract the attention of prospective clients. This will include your career background, education and qualifications earned. Your portfolio should include a variety of subjects designed to display your versatility.

Various means are offered by online freelance agencies that enable you to take advantage of self-improvement in your chosen work as a freelancer. For further information visit: When making an application, ensure that it is personalized as with any other resume.

Online products selling

Many disabled people possess extraordinary and commercially viable talents. These can include craftsmen and women with the ability to create and make unique and sale able products such as Pottery, Jewelry or even items like Dolls, Teddy Bears, or other items with a particular appeal.

There are various platforms that can be used for online work for the disabled, for example, . / or There is a vast Internet community, all seeking something original for a wide and varies range of purposes; as collectors, unusual gifts and ornaments. If you are unable to make the products yourself, contact your family and friends or various home craft product outlets. Admittedly, this type of online job can be challenging and time-consuming but it can also be financially rewarding if you develop the right contacts.

One aspect to be aware of and avoid is to NOT become involved with work-from-home craft “assembly” work, whereby you are required to buy materials from them to assemble and return for payment. If this work appeals to you then make sure you become associated with a reputable organisation!

Data Entry Options


A visit to can provide you with some background knowledge and online work for the disabled, such as opportunities related to Data-Entry Posting. This job involves posting company brands, services, and products on the Internet, worldwide. There are many thousands of online companies and websites that continuously need their online presence to be enhanced.

You will be required to post online content by way of determined posting facilities provided. Following training, you will be capable of posting for a wide and varied range of online organizations.

Clerical Data-Entry

After a training period, you would as a clerical data-entry operator be tasked with general word-processing work. Your assignments would include, for example, creating business literature, and forms, as well as documents such as corporate directories, and fax cover sheets. Most of the work allocated to you will already be formatted for you to reproduce the data on the required forms.


It has been proven in many and varied fields that people with disabilities possess talents and skills, many of them with experience that makes for ideal employees. However, it is also a fact that there are those who have physical or medical limitations that can prevent them from entering the usual working environment. If this applies to you, then your answer could be working from home.

The Internet has opened doors of opportunity for online work for the disabled such as: There is always a shortage of particular skills and for the performance of tasks that can help relieve the burden of those in the traditional work-place.


Online jobs for University Students

As a student, it always seems as though there is much more time than money! In other words, in your study life, there is never enough money available to meet your needs. However, don’t despair because there are various opportunities out there for making money, and just waiting for your talent.

The Internet can open doors to a vast and exciting world of online jobs for university students. It’s the place where you can earn your much-needed cash as you dive between assignments and attending lectures. As a bonus; it is your secret, which means that you can spend this extra financial wealth on anything you choose, and for you, it can make your ambitions limitless!

One potentially lucrative option would be to set up a money making blog. Click here to read my article on the best way to go about doing this.

Here are some other ideas that can set you on the right money-road.

Earn Money Playing Games Online

We can start with an idea that will be close to the hearts of those seeking online jobs for university students. Imagine being paid for working at something on the Internet that you normally enjoy as a pastime!

It is not being suggested or recommended that you become involved in poker games on the internet which will cost you money instead of earning it. No, this is an opportunity for you to explore whereby the developers of online and other games, recruit and pay students to subject their latest creations to testing. This is designed to see if you can break them down.

There are certain websites available if you are looking for online jobs for university students that offer payments for playing games or others that reward you with cash prizes. This is also a gaming safety net for you, because should anyone, such as a parent inquire about why you are playing games and wasting time on the Internet instead of working! Well, they would be pleasantly surprised to learn that you are ingenuously having fun and working at the same time!

Online Teaching

You are a university student, right? What can be a better way of earning some money than passing your educational learning capabilities and experience onto other people who are eager to expand their own knowledge! When you seek online jobs for university students the world is literally your oyster. There are many countries across the globe where many of the population are desperate for self-improvement; for example, learning English or various other subjects.

For many, the cost of their local tuition is beyond their means, which opens the online door for you. There are various websites offering excellent earnings per hour to students like you. With the benefits provided by Skype, you can communicate free-of-charge for hours, with just a microphone and headphones attached to your PC or Mac.

Data Entry and Surveys

Data is a motivating and crucial aspect of the Internet and it is therefore logical that online businesses require help in uploading it for them. Although this type of online job could be viewed as relatively offering low payment, it is, however, a job that is convenient and easy. In other words, it is a “no-brainer.”

It’s a job that once you get used to, can be done whilst you are talking to your family, friends or even watching television. Best of all, this online job for university students is available for you to earn money 24-by-7, anytime, day or night, when it suits you! Don’t take the first option; compare offers and conditions that work for you! The basic Data Entry job type differs from a transcription job, another form of data entry or medical coding, which generally require a higher skill level than typical data entry work. Also, medical coding work demands a higher education and experience than the data entry jobs.

It’s your choice, with some employers also offering office-based or call centre data entry work as well as working from home. The majority of companies hire independent contractors for data entry processing.

An alternative online job for university students to Data Entry is the Survey route because of the unique opportunities offered by the sources that represent all the online survey companies. Therefore, it’s you to choose the ones that best suit you.

Temporary Tasking Jobs

If you would prefer a temporary-task type of job, also known as a “Micro-job” then there are various options available to you, generally booked on the Internet. The work offered can include online positions or physical presence jobs. Some options open as online jobs for university students include a Virtual Assistant, Website Design, and Writing Blogs. The money you can earn will vary, and depend on the job type and the fees charged by the Micro-jobs website.

We all possess inherent natural skills, from street dance, on a surfboard or philosophy and beyond! You could have a talent for writing gadget reviews or posting entries on social media sites, such as Face-Book. Online businesses are prepared to pay you for this type of work. It is not only designed to boost their Google Ranking but it is utilizing personnel effectively and economically, which is good for you!


It must be admitted that working online is not the preference for everybody. Instead, there are many students who would rather take a temporary position in the regular commercial world. With this in mind, whether seeking regular or online jobs for university students the Internet is a valuable search source for you. This is due to more companies are increasingly advertising on this medium and will respond to you directly on your phone

Also, don’t be discouraged by some rejections. There are many sites waiting to give you opportunities for earning money. As a newbie, the employers involved with the Internet are constantly seeking new talent, concepts, and fresh ideas and energy. Therefore, perseverance and some thorough online searching for online jobs for university students could get that income you want! In many instances, you not only earn some money but have the opportunity of further self-development and gaining valuable work-related experience.