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How to sell my books online

If you are keen to increase your book sales then please read this article. As part of the article we will cover a case study of how one successful author is promoting her book online.

Sell books on your own website

Once you have your book the next logical question is – how to sell my book online. This article will cover a variety of practical steps you can take.

You can create your own website and have your book available to purchase directly from your website. You can easily learn how to sell books directly from your website at Wealthy Affiliate.

How to sell your digital books

Amazon Kindle direct publishing has made it very easy to list your book for sale in its website. You can upload the book in a few minutes and have it on sale around the world.

How to sell your physical books

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get a traditional publisher to agree to publish your book no matter how good it is. Even the author of Harry Potter J K Rowling struggled to get a publisher for her highly successful book.

Publishing has moved on now and fortunately you no longer need to persuade a publisher to publish your book. You can do this yourself and self-publish. There are some fantastic companies who provide print on demand services to authors and book publishers like you.

The advantage of print-on-demand publishing is the cost effective nature of the service. You just pay for books to be made when you actually have an order for them. There is no need to pay for a certain batch of books to be made and risk not having anyone to buy these books.

One of the best pint-on-demand companies is Lightningsource – .

Get other people to sell your books

Why put lots of time and effort into selling your books when you can recruit other people to do this for you! This is the option that provides you with a passive income. You can list your book on and give affiliate a commission for any sales that they refer.

Here is what you could do step by step:

1. Create your book – either write it yourself or pay a writer on a freelancing website such as to write the book for you.

2. Create a book cover for your book – either do this yourself or outsource this work on

3. Create a vendor account with

4. Buy a website domain for your sales letter.

5. Create a sales letter for your book. You can either write out a sales letter or create a video sales letter. You can create a video sales letter utilizing software such as Camtasia. Create a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the benefits of your book and record this presentation.

6. Upload this video to and link this to your website.

7. Upload your book to your website.

8. Submit your website for approval by List the percentage commission you will pay affiliate for any books they sell for you.

9. Start selling books and making money.

Case Study – No Fourth River by Christine Clayfield

I thought it might be helpful to pull some ideas listed above into a case study of how a successful author has gone about selling her book online.

Christine Clayfield is a well regarded internet marketer who has recently published a book about her life story called No Fourth River. It’s an inspiring story of overcoming adversity which is well worth a read.

Christine is in the unique position of possessing a high level of skill in internet marketing and book publishing so is probably the best person to learn from. I have listed some steps she is taking to market her book online:


1. Social media campaign:

a. Facebook – She has created a Facebook page for her book:

b. Twitter –

c. Instagram –

d. YouTube –

e. Pinterest –


2. Website – She has created her own website to promote her book:


3. Amazon – She has listed her book for sale on Amazon in multiple formats:

a. Amazon Kindle

b. Amazon Paperback

c. Amazon Audible (audio book) –


4. Online book sellers – The book is listed with several online book sellers such as Barnes & Noble. It’s likely she went with who would have distributed her book for sale with all the major online book sellers around the world.


As you can see Christine has a thorough online campaign to market her book. She is making extensive use of social media, her own website and online book sellers. Some of these strategies would require consistent ongoing activity in order to see results such as needing to regularly post on social media in order to engage her audience.

I hope you can see how you could copy some strategies this success author / internet entrepreneur is using when it comes to marketing your own book.



It has never been easier to make your book available to buy anywhere in the world in both physical and digital format. By having your book available to buy in both formats will maximize your book sales as some people will naturally prefer one of these options more than the other. You don’t want to leave money on the table by not giving your reader the format they prefer.





How to retire early at 55

For some early retirement may be around the corner and for others, it may seem far away. Early retirement seems like a dream, but with the rising number of passive income opportunities, this dream has come true. Many people want an early retirement from a 9-5 job, not because they do not like the job, but because they love to travel around the world.

Whatever is the reason, you can always choose to retire at 55. In order to make this happen, you need to take care of a few things. In our list today we have compiled essential aspects which you should keep in mind if you want to retire at 55.

Make the Plan before it’s too late 

When thinking about how to retire early at 55 making a plan is the most important first step.  If you planning to retire at 55 figure out how much earnings you will need when you retire. You can expect fewer costs in retirement, such as a paid-off home mortgage and no investment payments, so you are likely to need less income.

Get clear about what kind of life you are planning to live during retirement. If you want to live a simple life then your retirement income won’t need to be as high.  However, if you want to spend a luxury life, then you may need to consider ways to continue generating an income in your retirement or seeking financial help from others.

A great source of income in retirement is to start and run your own online business.  A popular form of online business for retired people is affiliate marketing.  Training and support with setting up a profitable online business is available at Wealthy Affiliate

Proper planning helps you have a sustainable financial position during the retirement period. In order to have a viable financial position during your retirement period seek help from financial advisers. There are several financial advisers available both online and offline who can help you achieve your goals.

Whether you are just planning for retirement, or you are in your mid-career various financial advisers guide you through every bit of the details which you should take into consideration in order to have a sound financial position during retirement.

Avoid taking financial decisions without the having an in depth knowledge of the field as the consequences of making a mistake could be unthinkable.

How to retire at 55:  Start Earlier

If you want to retire at the age of 55, start working on your retirement plan early on. The earlier you start the better it is. Invest in a variety of sources including investing in shares. Investing in well-established companies can help you get longer and higher level of interest rates.

Apart from this, consider investing in some passive income opportunities. If you are planning to be retired at the age of 55 passive income sources is one of the best ways to be considered. There are several sources of passive income opportunities that include but not limited to the stock market.

You can invest in the stock market and all you need to wait and earn a huge amount of passive income. The interest’s rates of this stock are pretty high. So if you want to be retiring at the age of 55 years and enjoy the rest of life without doing any job, this is the right time to start investing in stocks now.

You can also earn passive income by creating and selling courses. If you love to teach something you are really good at, consider creating some courses and upload them on Udemy. Set a specific rate for the course you have created, and the passive income will flow in. You may have to do some additions once in a while.

Save your Income and Cut Short your Expenses

To retire as early as possible, you need to start saving immediately. Save at least 15% of your regular income on a regular basis. This will help you overcome financial challenges at a later stage.

With every paycheck, make a financial investment contribution to keep the contribution amounts conveniently. Use tax-advantaged plans as much as feasible. Add to your 401(k) plan at the office, particularly if your company matches your contribution that resembles breaking out a loan for your retirement.

Open a private retirement account to get back at more tax advantages. Your pre-tax contributions to a 401(k) and conventional IRA save your funds because the part of your revenue you place it is not subject to earnings tax obligation. In addition to this, you can save your pension with proper planning instead of spending it on different funds.

Intend to save even more? Liberate even more money for savings by reducing services you spend for but do not utilize. Terminate the membership to the magazine you never check out. Cancel your gym subscription if you haven’t gone to the fitness centre considering that January.

Consider becoming one of the many people that redeem their wire membership and also enjoy TELEVISION on Netflix. The more memberships you cancel, the more money you will save. So take those monthly settlements and also transform them into monthly transfers into your interest-bearing account.

Consider Round-Up Programs

It is a very well known fact that little amounts of money can easily add up.  Individual Round Up program policies might vary, but the normal Round Up program looks something like this: whenever you buy with your debit card, your bank instantly rounds up the acquisition to the closest dollar or the nearest $5 and also places the added modification in your interest-bearing account.

See if your financial institution provides a Round Up program, choose how high you want to round up, as well as start saving loan each time you swipe your debit card.

Enhancing your cost savings rate refers finding out just how to obtain money right into your savings account, IRA, or other cost savings automobile before you have an opportunity to invest it on something else. Utilize these tips to get going, and then see simply how much you can actually save.


If you want your retirement period to be full of fun, enjoyment, and worry-free. Follow the steps mentioned above so that you can enjoy every single moment with your loved ones. Make sure you plan for retirement in the best possible way.

Everyone wants to retire at 55 (or earlier), but not everyone is ready to go through all these hardships in making an extra amount to money. If you are really willing to retire at 55, yes this is possible. Start early on and have enough saving set aside to enjoy the rest of your life. Do you have any other suggestion/tip around how to retire at 55, we would love to hear back.

Retirement Advice UK

Some people enjoy being retired whereas others are afraid of retirement due to the financial challenges they face in their later life.  In this article we will discuss some practical steps to help you feel prepared for an enjoyable retirement.

Chances are, you might be planning to travel to the places you have never been, be willing to try out a new hobby and looking forward to spend more time with friends and family but do not have the required funds for all of that. In order to avoid this and live your life fullest, it is essential that you plan ahead.

Start saving for retirement in an organised way

Sadly school doesn’t prepare people in the UK to develop the required financial literacy to confidently plan for retirement.  Home ownership has been a great way for many people to build wealth in the UK however unless you are willing to consider selling your property then it won’t fund your lifestyle when retired.

Alternative approaches might be to consider developing an online business.  Many retired people in the UK engage in affiliate marketing in order to earn an income to support their retirement.  There are supportive global communities which have been set up with the purpose of helping retired people (and others) start an online business such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Pension reforms in the UK during the year 2015 resulted in an enhanced level of financial awareness among individuals and the financial consultants, resulting in better financial decisions in both organisations and individuals.

If you are just starting off your retirement plan or if you have already working on one, you are advised to consult an agency which usually provides such services. If you have minor financial tasks consider managing them yourself, it will save so much of your time and extra costs. However, if you have a plan to invest a higher amount in retirement plan consider taking help from financial consultants.

Lack of financial awareness results in poor lifetime financial decisions. If you are the one who has just started saving for the retirement nest egg, invest your money for growth. This means that invest with a purpose to grow your investment over a longer period of time.

Do Not Rely On a Single Source for Financial Stability

Traditionally, in the UK the two major bodies that were responsible for the retirement planning of individuals were employers and the State. People would not give a second thought about how their retirement period will look like. Although these are two major occupational sources of retirement income however you cannot rely on it for the financial stability during your retirement period.

Things have been changed over the period of time now. Today, one of the major goals of the majority of the people in the UK is saving enough money for their retirement and making the right investment decisions so that they can get most of their retirement.

There are several major barriers to having enough retirement income. One of the main reasons is that people do not engage in retirement plans early enough, it is recommended that they should start off during their mid-career.

Secondly, there is a lack of proper financial advice. There are several companies that provide the retirement plan training however they are not feasible due to the fact that they charge higher amounts for their services.

Instead, introducing retirement plans and coaching in the workplace would save so much time and money while benefiting the whole society. The low contribution at the workplaces is also a major reason in failure to achieve money goals during the retirement. Due to these aspects, it is quite hard for individuals to do an easy transition from work to retirement and often they hesitate.

Use Retirement Calculators

In the UK you can calculate your retirement pension amount and the age of retirement using a retirement calculator. The retirement calculator helps you determine both these factors with accuracy.

If you are new to the concept and you have never used this before, you can seek help from the AgeUK. AgeUK is a financial planning agency that offers services to people regarding retirement, retirement pension and retirement age.

It is important to know what benefits you can actually claim. If you have been working and living in the UK for the past 10 years, and you have contributed to the States Taxes and Social security system through National Insurance Contribution then you are entitled to receive UK retirement pension.

UK pension system is one of the best pension systems in the world, and it is ranked on 11th which is much better than several other developed countries.  In case you do not fulfil the requirements mentioned above, or you are retiring after working five years in the UK, then you are entitled to withdraw your pension from your native country.

Consider Inheritance Implications When Retiring in the UK

If you are retiring in the UK as an expat and you have real estate properties in both your native country and the UK, consider writing a will for the distribution of the property.

Whatever is the scenario if you are planning your retirement in the UK, seek professional guidance from the probate law and inheritance tax. This will avoid many ownership issues both in the native country and foreign country.

Once you have settled down all the inheritance implications, you can now enjoy the rest of your life doing what you love. However, there are a few things; you should do to have an enjoyable retirement life.

If you are planning for retirement in the UK, you can still enjoy a lot of benefits even after retirement. UK government offers a number of activities and social clubs both private and government funded, which allows membership for the retirees either for free or a much discounted rate.

You can enjoy a range of recreational activities at community centres. You can enjoy being part of the book club or the sports club. This is a great opportunity to meet and greet people who belong to your area and it is a very enjoyable process.

Many expats do not have English as their first language. In order to avoid challenges during your retirement, you should learn English. You can choose any of the schools available in the UK and learn English.


What retirement advice would you recommend to the people who live in the UK? Do you have any suggestions keeping in view the fact that UK has withdrawn the legal retirement age? Let us know in the comments section below.

How to earn extra money in the philippines

Everyone has the right to financial freedom. Often we are unable to enjoy the financial freedom, first, because we think it is impossible, secondly, because we are afraid to take action since we have already decided that it is impossible.

Always keep in mind; we need a little courage to achieve what we actually desire to have in our lives. We need the courage to think big, courage to take action and courage to move forward irrespective of the circumstances.

However, if you are the one who is really looking forward to having financial freedom in life and enjoy your life at the fullest, we have compiled a list of the ways which could help you out in how to earn extra money in the Philippines.

Set up an Online Company

Setting up your online business is similar to setting up your offline business; it just differs in a way that instead of having a physical space, you need a website to operate your website.

A popular and successful form of online business is affiliate marketing where you get paid to promote products from well known companies such as Amazon.  Getting professional training and support will increase your chance of building a successful online business.  Such support is available at Wealthy Affiliate.

Like the rest of the countries in the world, in the Philippines, you can sell your products or services online. If you have any kind of Offline Company, you can upgrade your company via the internet to reach even more clients.

This can raise your total sales as well as profit. If you don’t have any kind of offline entity you can still begin online service by advertising the products of other customers via e-commerce websites.

You can create your very own on the internet store via Shopify, WooCommerce or any other online platform for different products and sell them around the globe. The products may include, clothing, beauty products, gadgets, books, children clothing, art items, and sports items etc. This initiative can really increase your earning significantly.

If you are able to create an online store, you will be earning a certain amount of commission on each and every product you sell. The commission margins are as high as 40% but obviously, it varies depending upon the sort of products you are selling.

Be a Tour Guide

If the country you live in has amazing landscapes and full of natural beauty, it is obvious that it will attract more tourists.

Research shows that the Philippines is one of the most amazing tourist spots in the world. If proper research is conducted and if steps are taken to improve tourism in the country, it will have an amazing impact on overall economic growth.

As profitable as it sounds, you can also earn extra money in the Philippines if you get yourself registered as a tourist guide.

Given that the Philippines is blessed with many lovely and also fascinating areas, one more alternative for you would certainly be to know your own town/city/province and come to be a tourist guide. If you are terrific with people then you can quickly pull this off.

Along with this, it is so much fun to be a tour guide. You get to know amazing people from around the world every single day. You enjoy the company of people from different cultures, and backgrounds.

Be part of any of the tour agency in the Philippines and make extra money. Few of the tour agencies include Viator Tour Guides, Manila City Tours and Private Guide etc. Once you are able to have enough experience in tour guiding you can start your own business and turn your passion into a paycheck.

Teach English To Others

If you are fluent in the English language then start now to teach English in the Philippines to students. You can earn a great amount of additional money through this job.

However, if you are a foreigner and planning to go to the Philippines to make some money by teaching English, you are unlikely to earn a significant amount. The reason is Filipinos are super talented and they go to the university and they teach their people English and earn $200-400 a month, which turns out to be 10,000 – 20,000 pesos. A whole family lives on 10,000 pesos in the Philippines; therefore there is a less chance that you will be getting paid a higher amount if you start working as a foreigner.

In short, if you are native you can earn handsome amount of money while teaching English to the kids and professionals. Once you are able to gain a number of students then you can establish your own academy and turn your skill into business and then enjoy financial freedom for rest of your life.

Make Money from Freelancing Websites

According to Paypal 2% of the working population in Philippines work as freelancers. It suggests that the Philippines is one of the top countries with rising number of freelancers.

In a developing country like the Philippines where setting your own working hours seems like a dream, the freelancing is one of the emerging job markets. Approximately 68% of the cities in the country have an advanced banking system thus allow individuals to receive money from the rest of the world. By 2020 one in every five individuals will be working remotely.

People usually get paid a higher amount online as compared to the ‘real’ jobs. Currently, a great number of individuals worldwide generate income from freelancing sites. You need to market your ability on the internet and earn.

You can do some remarkable jobs like writing content, design an amazing website, and convert a video clip or sound and also converting message right into Philippines or Chinese for a great amount of money.

The well-known websites like Upwork and Fiverr are the major platform where you can get jobs from the clients to earn money. Other than these you can also signup, ProZ, PeoplePerHour, Favser, TransPerfect, Gengo, ProTranslating, Translating Solutions 24, Capita Translation to provide your services to the global community.

Whenever you choose to provide skills on these platforms, make sure you master your skills. Do not just waste your time working for a few bucks by providing minor jobs just to save your job. This will not guarantee a successful career online. If you want to build your brand, make sure you are perfect at what you do.


There are many other ways to earn extra money in the Philippines. If you put a little extra effort you will enjoy your life at fullest. These are just a few ways to earn money while living in the Philippines.

Do you earn extra money in the Philippines along with your regular job? If yes, what particular way do you use to earn extra money in the Philippines? Let us know in the comments section below.

How to retire early with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about selling a third party product and earning a handsome percentage of commission on every product you sell. Companies and brands usually give you up to 40% of the
commission, but obviously, it depends upon the kind of the product. Products include clothing, beauty products, kids clothing, sports items, crafts, and books etc.

If you are thinking about how to retire early with affiliate marketing then check out my article on how to set up an affiliate marketing business with Wealthy Affiliate – click here to read this article. 

With affiliate marketing, you can earn more than what you actually earn in a regular job. Therefore, it is safe to say that if you passionate about marketing and knowing human psychology then you can retire early and do what you love while enjoying financial freedom at the same time.

Setting up an affiliate online business

You can set up an online business, whether you own the product or you work as an affiliate. Setting up your business isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. It needs a lot of sweat and determination, yet it is worth it.

Affiliate marketing has earned enough recognition during the past two decades. If you have any kind of offline business now you can upgrade your business through the internet to reach more customers. Many of the entrepreneurs at Wealthy Affiliate have both a normal business an an affiliate marketing business.  This can increase your total sales consequently improving your profits.

If you don’t have any offline business you can still start an online business by promoting the products of other clients through e-commerce websites. You can create your own online store through Shopify and WooCommerce and sell different products around the globe. This
effort can really boost your total earning and will allow you to retire early.

Few skills that you need to master in order to be a great affiliate marketers is SEO, and content writing. If you know the how SEO works and if you are able to create some amazing content, you will be rock star affiliate marketer.

Know the art of marketing

If you are an innate marketer, affiliate marketing is for you! It is the art of advertising and marketing where you promote the product or services of a third party and earn commission. You act like a bridge between client and business.

There are a lot of websites that provide you an opportunity to become an affiliate., Clickbank, MaxBounty, CPA Prosperity, CJ, and PeerFly are the best examples which provide you an affiliate program.

In return, you obtain a healthy and balanced quantity of money in incentive. This is one of the easiest ways to enhance your earning, thus you are able to enjoy financial freedom.

With a computer and an internet connection in your hands you can earn a lot more money than you can imagine. You can promote your affiliate product on social media and help the company get leads, while helping you get an amazing income.

Several social media tools including Facebook ads manager allows you to target your audience based on interests. Now it makes pretty easier to shrink down your audience and market your product.

Facebook has now billions of customers around the globe. It has some outstanding advertising plans to promote your product and services. You can gain a healthy amount of money using Facebook advertising and marketing policies.

Not just Facebook, but you can also promote your affiliate product on various other social media platforms. You can create some amazing graphics and share them on Instagram. You can create short effective videos and then share them on YouTube. This will help you create a multiplier effect in your affiliate marketing. Interesting, yeah?

Associate Advertising

Affiliate marketing is for you if you have zero saving to invest. You can start your affiliate marketing at a zero level, because it does not include any sort of operational costs or manufacturing costs.

You are provided a ready made product, and you are expected to market it to as many people as you can thus helping you get an amazing percentage of commission. Affiliate Marketing is now one the best ways to earn a large amount of passive income.

You need to do some little effort, in fact, some smart work in order to learn the basic marketing strategies to find your customers online. Some people are making even over $50,000 per month.

Associate advertising can be a wonderful way to make easy income. When individuals click the associated links on your website, you get a commission. All they need to do is acquire a service or

Create an Online Shop with Drop Shipping

With the explosion of eCommerce more people are generating an income by running an online business including drop shipping eCommerce.  Right here’s how it works: you develop an online store that supplies items from particular suppliers. A person sees your website and orders a product, and then your system sends the order to a certain supplier.

This method allows you to earn money from the transit gap. The producer after that completes the order by shipping it directly to the customer. Among the trendy things about this kind of company is that you do NOT require ordering stock.

The customer spends for the item; you collect the earnings, as well as the manufacturer shops and also ship the items to the client. It’s as straightforward as that. If you want to start a drop shipping company, think about making use of a system like Shopify to construct your online shop.


The beauty of an online service is that it will enable you to function from anywhere. If you want to start a business from scratch it will take a lot of time as well as resources. Why not consider acquiring an already developed online business entity?

Internet sites such as Biz Acquire Offer have numerous online service listings that are offered for sale in differing cost ranges. Check to see if there is an online company for sale that is in line with your enthusiasms or hobbies.

Once more, in order for this idea to produce passive revenue, you’ll need to employ somebody to run the business.

How to retire early in Australia

Many of us dream of retiring early, but other work on it and make it happen.  Today we have compiled a list which will help you consider steps you could take in order to make your dream of early retirement a reality.  The list contains some easy to apply ideas.

Know how much you need to live off

Whether you live in Australia or anywhere else, if you want to retire early, you need to do a little careful mathematical calculation regarding your financial costs. Be vigilant and know the fact that you are not going to have a regular income anymore.

An alternative is developing a new source of income via an online business.  If the prospect of running your own online income generating business excites you then click here to read an article about how to go about setting up your business.

Find out whether it is going to cost you $20,000 per year or $90,000 per year. If your expenses are going to be higher, it means that either you have to work more or stay in your job until you have the required amount of savings aside.

The costs that are associated with your retirement depend upon the kind of the lifestyle you choose. Properly plan out your retirement period, and get into every bit of detail. See if you are still willing to work part-time anywhere, or are you willing to provide your services to different agencies online.

In either case you will have an income flowing in.  If you still are going to have a certain amount of income flowing in after the retirement it is safe to say that you can retire early.

Save money and avoid debt

Saving isn’t an easy job, but you need to work on it. Your spending should always be lesser than your earnings. This will consequently help you save a fraction of your income. This is one of the simplest rules of finance however so many people fail at it.

Have you ever heard of the cash flow management? If not, you should check this out. It helps you manage your finances while encountering all the other expenses including direct and indirect taxes. If you start saving your money early on, you will be able to invest it at a later stage. This will ensure your financial stability over a longer period.

There are several steps which you can use day to day in order to save money. Try implementing little steps in your daily lives, like asking for a discount at the superstore, purchasing your summer/winter stock from a sale etc. This will help you build a habit that can in return help you save a lot of money, particularly when you consider the benefits of compound interest.

Invest what you save

Do not keep the piles of currencies in your drawer or in the bank count. Whatever you saved yesterday, save it today. Keep a minimal amount of money to ensure day to day transactions. There are several ways where you can invest your money. Either you can purchase shares of a well-established company, invest in some other financial bonds or put it into a saving account.

Whatever ways you choose make sure you take the decision wisely. If you are dealing with a small amount of money, you can manage and plan it yourself. However, if you are dealing with huge money consider taking financial advice. Never ever take decisions on your own without any professional consultant. Seeking help can help you save a lot of loses you are prone to face.

You can invest the money you saved in the stock market, financial market, commodities, gold, and silver, or cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a risky form of investing and many people end up losing.  Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency has now numerous dealers.

Starting earning passive income

Before you could get retirement, start working on some passive income sources. Online courses can be a terrific resource for easy revenue. Here’s just how they work: you produce a value-packed online program that helps solve an issue or fills up a demand.

The course can consist of video clips, electronic books, and also emails with important info. Customers join to buy the course, as well as your system immediately emails them whatever they require to access the materials.

You get cash for the rate of the course that you produced. A platform such as Teachable can do all the hefty training for you when creating your training course.

You can also earn passive income by creating an amazing website. You can then put some extra effort to design the website or get it done by some professional. Once you place your ads on the website, you can start earning a massive amount of income.

Monetize your site with Google AdSense and other advertising and marketing internet sites to gain a substantial amount of money. With some simple understanding of how the web works and basic English abilities, you can make a healthy profit.

Another way of earning a passive income is renting out the things you have at your home. Hundreds of individuals aim to rent out any kind of selection of items. Craigslist can be a terrific area to market your items for lease.

Few of the items that you can rent out include, extension ladders, celebration outdoors tents, tables and chairs, energy trailers, power saws and snowmobiles.


In you dream of retiring early, you can consider ways of increasing your savings and income in order to make your dream a reality.

For further detailed steps consider consulting a trusted financial adviser, who can help you get the best out of retirement. Are you planning to retire at an early age or 55?  Let us know what steps are working well for you to increasing your savings and income.

Planning for retirement in the UK

Planning for retirement is all about planning and managing financial matters during retirement. Even if this seems dull and complicated, this is an important thing to do.  It is important to review where you stand financially in order to make sure you do not face any financial issues in the future.

There are several platforms and organisations which can help you prepare for planning for retirement in the UK.

Get Help from Relevant Agencies

If you are planning to retire, you should get help from relevant agencies which support you through the retirement process. If you are a few years away from your retirement you should consider calculating your retirement income. Use a pension calculator which helps you determine how much money you can actually save to be used in retirement.

Age UK helps you do the advanced planning for the retirement in the UK. It guides you through various stages in order to get your finances organised. Experts at the Age UK make sure you get the best opportunities for your later life.

Few of the other agencies that help you plan for retirement in the UK includes Nation Friendly UK, and Later Life. Later life provides amazing services that can help you have viable planning for your life. It also provides coaching services and courses that can teach how you can spend your life without any severe financial challenges.

Take time out to Plan for Retirement

Like everything else planning for retirement in the UK takes time and effort. You can have a richer and amazing lifestyle in retirement if you take some time to think about your retirement and make required planning. You do not need to spend hours in order to address that, but you can even spend a few minutes on a regular basis to plan for retirement.

Often it is too difficult to know what life will look like after retirement. You can have an amazing lifestyle or face financial challenges depending about what decisions you take today. If you don’t have funds for the retirement then it is good to work part-time so that you can meet your expenditures.

In order to avoid the later life issues write down your income and write down your expense. Your income may include state pension and all another pension that you or your employer has put money into. Track all the records and know what your financial status looks like.

If you are unable to meet your expenses either you have to cut down expenditure or come up with ways to continue to generate an income.  You may consider starting an online business in order to generate an income in retirement.  A popular form of online business for retired people in the UK is affiliate marketing. 

If you want to have a sound financial status during the retirement, talk to a professional money adviser.  Do the basics of your financial planning yourself and hire a financial adviser for the complex issues. If you have a huge amount set aside consider consulting a financial agency for that.

Do anything that is possible to live a happy life in retirement. You can put some money into savings which usually give you a higher amount of interest rate. A penny saved today is an investment for tomorrow.

Know What Benefits You Can Claim

If you are in the UK and you are planning to retire, then you should know what benefits you can claim. Often people do not have idea about what benefits they can claim in retirement. There are several benefits which you can claim in retirement.

They include Pension Credit, Attendance Allowance, and Carer’s Allowance. Once you hire an adviser for planning your retirement he/she will tell what benefits you can claim in retirement.

Laterlife is an amazing service which helps you to make the most of the retirement. Planning for the retirement is more important than it has been ever before. If you plan your retirement properly, you will have a much more active, healthier, and longer life.

After the withdrawal of the Default Retirement Age which is 65 years in the UK, people can now choose their retirement age on their own. If you are in the UK you can work as long as you want and make sure you have the safe and sound financial future ahead.

If you have just started planning for retirement in the UK, you can work more years so that you can achieve your financial goals.

Clearly define Financial Needs In Retirement

Whether you are planning for retirement in the UK or anywhere else it is essential to get clear early on the financial needs in retirement. You need to get clear around what kind of lifestyle do you want to spend during retirement.

If you are planning to spend a very simple lifestyle, maybe you do not have to worry so much about your finances. But if you want to have a luxurious life, you will have to focus on how you can spend all your finances in the best possible way.

Various retirement planning agencies provide courses and coaching around, pre-retirement, mid-life seminars and early career financial seminars so that people can have a sound financial career throughout their life.

There are several benefits for the expats who are planning to retire in the UK. UK pension system is one of the best systems in the world. In 2016 it was ranked 11th (Mercer). The pension system is ahead of any pension system in the developed economies like the US, France, and Germany. This doesn’t mean it has all the positive aspects; however, there are several shortcomings as well.

Given the fact that UK pension is one of the most comfortable factors if you are planning for retirement in the UK, however you do not need to depend on a single source. It is essential that you plan your personal finances keeping in view the needs later in your lives.


Life expectancy is increasing which is good news, but at the same time, we need to be conscious about how you will fund your hopefully long retirement.  If you have a sound financial planning, you will save more and invest a greater portion of your capital to meet the financial challenges of later in your life.

A sustainable policy is essential to support and prepare all the people for their retirement, at the same time helping companies to innovate and grow. This will boost the inter-general fairness with an obvious path for the youngsters.

How To Earn Extra Money In Retirement?

Every single day thousands of people turn 65, which mean so many people are retiring and becoming unemployed. Retiring without a decent pension and savings is not much fun.  If you are in this position or simply if you want to top up your income in retirement then continue reading.

Life expectancy has been growing around the world meaning it has never been more important to have a clear plan in place for how to financially support a long retirement.  Earning extra money can help cover unexpected costs and allow you to enjoy your retirement.

There are several options available today available to retired people such as the exciting possibilities of setting up an online business with Wealthy Affiliate.  Many retired people are starting their own website which allows them to generate a passive online income.  I’ve written an article explaining more about the best way to go about setting up an online business – click here to read it.

The possibility of starting a business in retirement not only gives you the possibility of generating an income but to learn a range of new skills and overcome boredom.  Today, we have listed down four great ways to earn extra money in retirement.

Get Yourself Registered With A Temp Agency

If you are getting bored by just doing the gardening and walking your dog out on regular basis, this is a great option for you. Get yourself registered with a Temp Agency, do the work you love and get paid for it.

A Temp Agency takes projects/tasks from the companies and businesses and hires employees on a temporary basis to get the work done. They hire people based on their availability. They usually have flexible working hours and short-term contracts which many retired people find attractive.

A Temp Agency usually allows you easy working hours. You can work a few days a week, on a part-time basis. This part-time work perfectly matches if you don’t have anything to get busy with. The benefits of working with a Temp Agency are you are open to choose the kind of assignments on your own.

You can choose short assignments or long-term assignments depending on your availability. Even if you are retired and you are super passionate about what you do and you want to earn a larger income, you can just become a full-time employee at a temp agency.

Write For Others

If you are a natural writer, and you love writing in a particular niche you can start working as a writer from the comfort of your home. When retired people often love to read and write. It is when you don’t have to worry about all the responsibilities of your kids and parents, and you can have peace of mind, and thus you have enough time set aside to work on writing projects.

Online websites like Upwork, Fiverr, People per Hour and a few other platforms provide you with an amazing opportunity to work for the people and businesses around the world. The pay scale is usually better than what you can get in a regular job.

However, it varies according to your skill set and the level of experience. If you are expert in what you do, obviously you will make a handsome amount of money in retirement.

Once you are able to win client’s trust you will have a range of content writing projects on your away. Start with the basics while accessing both short and long-term goals. You can even build an amazing business using your skill set even after retirement. Whenever you work as a freelance writer, demonstrate that you are determined to produce quality work.

If working as a freelance writer is not a cup of your tea, you can go visit the nearby publishing company in your town and provide your services a few days a week.

Be a Library Assistant

This is a great option for you to earn extra money in retirement if you are an avid reader. As mentioned above, when retired, often people love to read and write. If you love to read then becoming a library assistant is a perfect choice for you.

You can become a library assistant anywhere in a community library, a school library or a college library. Easy and flexible working hours will allow you to enjoy the work as well as follow your passion. If you are passionate about a particular field, you can help people with finding research topics and help students to get the best material for their studies.

You will also get to connect with wonderful, charismatic and energetic people who often make your day. Please note that whether you have a degree in library sciences or not, you can still be a great library assistant. Look up for similar opportunities today and earn extra money in retirement.

Sell Your Beautiful Artwork On Etsy And Social Media

If you are great at stationery, crafts, home décor or scrapbook, don’t think twice. Just showcase your talent on Etsy and start earning extra money in retirement.

Since many people who are retired love to work from the comfort of their home, therefore it is a very suitable way of earning while doing what you love. Etsy is a great marketplace for people who want to earn extra money in retirement. Etsy allows you to open your own shop of the handmade items, handicrafts, and vintage items.

Today, where people love to go for the new trends in home design, dress and lifestyles there is a substantial amount of audience who still love blending uniqueness in their lives. Research shows that in the past year a total number of 30 million buyers spent a total amount of 2.8 billion dollars in order to get what they love. In order to be part of this amazing marketplace, you need to register yourself, which is pretty easy.

Apart from this, you can also sell your products on social media. Social media has become another amazing business tool, in order to sell your products, create an amazing profile and a business page on social media and start getting orders.

Instagram works better particularly for the artwork. You can target your market easily and without any hard and fast rules. Sign up today and let the world appreciate your skill while making extra money in retirement.


So which option would you love to go for? Now it’s your turn, do you have a unique suggestion for making extra money in retirement? If yes, just let us know in comments section below.

Passive income business opportunities

Earn money even when you are asleep. Passive income opportunities allow you to make money even when you are asleep. With little to no effort you can earn a substantial amount of money and have the financial freedom you deserve. If you are still stuck in your 9-5 job and wondering if you can ever have the financial freedom, I am here to tell you that ‘Yes’ you can do it.

One option is to consider creating your own income generating website.  I’ve written a separate article explaining this opportunity – click here to read this.  In our list of passive income business opportunities we have list down four major ways which you can use to earn money. Happy Reading!

Dividend Income

If you are a shareholder of a company particularly if it is listed company than you can earn a massive passive income. The amount of the income depends upon the volume of shares you have with the particular company. Companies which are very well-established usually provide higher dividends, and these dividends grow steadily. You can enjoy a huge amount of dividend income as long as you are the shareholder.

A pretty simple rule works for dividend income, if you have a total number of 5000 shares of a certain company, and if the company pays you 0.25% dividend per share, the total amount you will get will be $1250. You can reinvest this money back into the shares if you do not need the cash

If you remain a long term share holder of the company, this will be rewarding. If you re-invest your dividend income you will have roughly 45% of your return. People who have a great financial understanding usually love to invest in shares. This is because the process is very simple and you don’t really need to do anything to get paid. Once you invest your money in shares, you need to wait for the capital appreciation. Simply, you get paid to wait. Interesting yeah?

So one you are able to get your head around all the basic and essentials of this, you can start working as an adviser and provide financial coaching to the people. This will allow you to turn your skill into business and making the best out of it.

If you have set aside certain amount of the money for the rainy days, make sure you invest in shares of a well-established company. I am sure you will appreciate your decision later.

Rent the free rooms in your house

Do you have an extra space that you seldom use? Why not lease it out to somebody searching for a temporary leasing instead of leaving it for free. There are many websites like Airbnb where you can register your room and get customers. Millions of people utilize Airbnb to locate an area to stay occasionally even for moths sometimes rather than living at a resort.

Before you could register your room with a lease company, make sure it is comfortable. When listing your room with the companies include every bit of the detail in it. Properly mention the size of the room. Let the customer know if pets can accompany them or not. You do provide heating/cooling services? Whether there is car parking or not? The more details you dig into the easier it will be get your rooms rented.

Put yourself in a customer’s shoe and think what kind of a room would a person love to live in? Is it an enjoyable space for him or his family? Does your room/room provide all the essentials?

Once you are able to rent out your room, make sure you greet people warmly when they arrive at the venue. This will make them feel at home. It will also help you build a long-lasting business relationship.

Once your guests leave make sure you hire a house cleaning solution to keep the place tidy and prep the area after use. This will certainly eliminate service your end as well as make it absolutely easy revenue.

Create a Lead Generation Website

In or list of passive income business opportunities, the third comes creating a lead generation website. As fancy as it sounds lead generation is not that simple. 63% of the marketers claim that lead generation is one of the major challenges they face.

A lead generation website is created with a purpose to capture and stimulate the interest of a product or a service in order to create sales pipeline. The lead generation industry has faced several changes since the rise of the social media. Lead generation websites exist to give recommendations to companies. So, allows state you produced a lead generation internet site that concentrates on real estate.

To have a great lead generation income, you need to create an amazing homepage for your website. If you are creating a lead generation website for the real estate industry, you would certainly utilize the website to enlighten property including houses, apartments, and offices etc.

Apart from this you can also highlight real estate investing opportunities. Within the site you’d have web links where people might contact you to read more. When someone gets in touch with you, you refer them to a real estate expert in their area. The realty professional would pay you for the lead. It’s a warm lead and not a cold lead, so professionals would certainly be happy to pay you extra. You might likewise earn money by having marketers on your site.

Note that you would certainly need to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to make the site effective. Getting your website on top of search engine pages would be vital to success.

Creating an App

If you have a smartphone or tablet after that it’s risk-free to think you have numerous apps downloaded. However, have you ever had a fantastic idea for an application? If so, you could take into consideration employing a developer to create your application for you. You might then market it on the App store for recurring earnings.

Every single day we use apps. We use apps to buy our clothing, food, home articles, and gadgets. Uber and Careem are the two widely used apps that we use every single day. You can create a sophisticated app and be able to earn a huge passive income.


There are lots of other ways that you can make passive revenue. Hopefully, this checklist has actually aided you narrow down which source of income is best for you. If you’re tired of the typical way of earning money, implement a few of the easy earnings methods over so you can begin working much less and making more loans while you sleep today.

How To Earn Extra Money In Malaysia

Every single day when I get to my office, before the start of my day I am always thankful for this technological advancement that allows us to earn a livelihood while living anywhere in the world.

You may be satisfied with the amount of money you are making out of your regular job, but today I am going to tell you several ways to earn extra money in Malaysia.

1. Be Ready to Get Your Hands Dirty With Internet

If you are thinking about how to earn extra money In Malaysia then you must be ready to get your hands dirty. More than two decades now the internet has created so many amazing earning opportunities.

One possibility is to make money with affiliate marketing by setting up your own website with the support of a platform such as Wealthy Affiliate.  If you are interested in learning more training available for setting up an online business I’ve written an article about this – click here to read it.

You can easily sell your soft skills using the internet. All you have to do is to find the right platforms and choose the skills you are good at and start serving people from around the globe. There are several ways for doing this that include:

a. First in our list comes creating a blog or a website, which is one of the finest ways to earn a good amount of extra money. If you are seeking for a good amount of extra money in Malaysia then nothing can be better than to start a website of the blog right now. This needs some hard work and determination. You can choose any topic of your choice and start to write. Monetize your side with Google AdSense and other advertising websites to earn a real amount of money. With some basic knowledge of how the internet works and with the Basic English skills, you can make a healthy amount of money. Before starting off building your website, make sure you choose a niche which really interests you so that you can build an amazing hub of loyal readers.

b. Nowadays a number of people around the world earn money from freelancing websites. A very simple rule works, sell your skills you are efficient at and earn money. If you are new to the freelancing you need to be a little more careful, because so many newbie freelancers often get victimized due to the spasm. Freelancing is quite common in Malaysia. You can do some tremendous jobs like writing an article, design a website, and translate a video or audio and translating text into Malaysian or Chinese for a good amount of money. Websites like Upwork and Fiverr are the platforms where you can get tasks from the clients to earn money. In addition to this ProZ, PeoplePerHour, Favser, TransPerfect, Gengo, ProTranslating, Translating Services 24, Capita Translation are some amazing website which offers you do small tasks and earn.

c. Marketing either online or offline is the best way of earning. It is the art of marketing where you promote the products and services of a third party and earn a commission. Most likely you act as a middleman to bridge customer and company. There are numerous websites that give affiliate marketing options. Amazon, Clickbank, MaxBounty, CPA Prosperity, CJ, and PeerFly are some websites offers you to sell their product. In return, you get a healthy amount of money in reward. This is one of the easiest ways to lift your earning in Malaysia.

2. Sell Your Used Items

Keeping the things that you don’t need any more create space issues at your house, also it is useless to keep things that you don’t need anymore. You should do a cleaning and give away or sell things you don’t use anymore once in three months. Firstly, this will help you create enough space in your home, secondly, it is a great way to create some extra income.

One of the cool ways to earn some extra money in Malaysia is to sell the products you want to replace. There are websites and mobile Apps like, Duriana, Shpockare, Carousell Malaysia which help you find and reach targeted customers. You can easily reach out your targeted market, sell the products and earn money. You can sell anything from kitchen utensils, bicycles, motorbikes, smartphones, any other electronics. Just place an ad along with the details of the items you want to sell and get your wait for the customer to contact you.

3. Online Stock Trading

If you have a finance background, I am sure you must be familiar with online stock trading. Investing in stock trading itself is thrilling and this is a pretty exciting opportunity to earn extra money. Online stock trading needs more vigilance than any other online investment opportunity, because of its volatile nature. So it is important that you have great knowledge about this field if you want to invest your hard earn money into it. If you do not have substantial knowledge about trading, make sure you teach yourself how you can be an efficient stock trader. This saves you from both major and minor losses that are usually expected to occur in trading.

If you have saved some money from your day job and you want to invest in some way than stock exchange is the best option for you. Even if you have a little amount of money you can still invest in different stocks. This is a very profitable and trending way of investing your capital in the Malaysian financial market. The return on investment is quite substantial and it increases with the passage of time and becomes a higher amount with a great profit eventually.

4. Future Investment Programs

A penny saved today is an investment tomorrow. Try saving every extra penny you have in your pocket to have a very profitable return tomorrow. In Malaysia, there are numerous small and large Future Investment Programs. You can save some part of your earning and invest it in a feasible investment program. Investment programs vary depending upon the income bracket. If you have a very less amount set aside for investment, you can choose a program which requires low investment and vice versa. If you are a business owner then you can invest a relatively high amount and get profit. You can have a secure financial future if you save your extra earning today and invest in similar opportunities.


Make money, invest in some profitable opportunities, and live your life at best. Having financial freedom is important to live your life at fullest. If you have the financial freedom, you can get the best car, amazing house, and above all, you can travel around the world. Choose any of the options above, start earning a handsome amount of money and enjoy your life!