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Start drop ship company

Today we are going to find out more about building your own drop shipping website and how this is a great opportunity to have your very own online business.

What is drop shipping

It’s an online business with the potential for generating you a significant amount of money whilst working from the comfort of your own home.

It involves selling items from your own website to customers keen on this particular product. You are in charge of advertising, selling and collecting the money. Then the order gets passed on to a merchant or warehouse where the product is actually stored. They ship the product to the consumer and take a percentage of the profit.

Many large companies make use of drop shipping as it has many advantages including the fact that most customers don’t actually know you don’t store or ship the item to them.

Selecting products to sell

Once you have selected which niche market you are going to target with your drop ship company then the next step is to consider what products to list for sale on your website.

You will need to consider how much profit you stand to make before agreeing to list a product for sale. You will need to know that the product you are planning on listing actually is in demand by customers.

Keyword research will tell you how many people are searching for this product online and therefore what the potential demand is for the item. You could utilise a keyword research tool such as Jaaxy available at Wealthy Affiliate.

When you are starting out you might be tempted to list a lot of expensive products for sale on your website in the hopes of making a decent profit. However expensive products won’t necessarily make you more money and some less expensive products. You will need to determine your total costs including any drop ship fees per order of each product.

Another important piece of research to conduct, once you are sure that you have a product which will make a profit for you, is how many other websites are also selling this product. If you find the product available on numerous websites then it might be a good idea to conclude the product is too competitive and you won’t make any money trying to sell it.

An alternative approach would be to list your product for sale at a lower price than your competitors but obviously then your profits will be lower and you will need to sell a lot more in order to make a decent profit.

Here are some websites to help you start your research:

1. Doba –

2. SaleHoo –

3. Dropship design –

4. Wholesale2b –

Processing payments

Different options for receiving payments include PayPal or a merchant account.  The advantage of using a merchant account is that not everyone has or wants a PayPal account.  If the customer doesn’t have a PayPal account the prospect of needing to set one up could put them off buying from you.

In order to accept credit card payments then you will need a merchant account and a payment gateway.  A merchant account is basically an agreement with your bank to allow you to accept credit cards.  The payment gateway is the service which authorises and processes the payment.

Merchant accounts :

Payment gateway:

Learning more about setting up a drop ship business

In this article we have just started to scratch the surface of what is involved in setting up your drop ship business. There is a lot involved and there is a lot to learn.

If this article has wet your appetite and you are keen to learn more then I would like to suggest you read Drop Shipping & eCommerce by Christine Clayfield.


In this article we have discussed drop shipping as a unique business opportunity. If you are keen to learn more about setting up your own online business then you can find all the tools you need such as creating a professional website, keyword research and accessing state of the art training at Wealthy Affiliate.