Become affiliate marketer online

This article is for anyone who is interested in affiliate marketing whether you are just starting out or are already experienced in this field. Now is a great time to get into affiliate marketing and I hope to cover some strategies top affiliates are following.

What is affiliate marketing?

So you want to become an affiliate marketer online? For many people it is regarding as the perfect online business. This form of business involves being paid a sales commission by an online shop for any sales that are referred to its website.

A code is used to identify from whom the referred sale came. This ensures that you are paid for any referrals. The person who made the referred sale is called an affiliate. This form of marketing is booming and now is one of the best times to enter this business because of the enormous growth in online sales.

This business has a variety of attractive benefits. You can decide how many hours / week you want to focus on building your affiliate marketing business. If you already have a full-time job you can work on your affiliate marketing business in your spare time.

Unlike a lot of other online businesses affiliate marketing doesn’t involve many start up costs. All you really need is access to a laptop and WiFi. Other online business will require you to stock and post items which is costly and time-consuming. As you don’t actually own the products that are being bought the merchant takes care of charging customers, stocking products and getting them posted.

What are the best products to promote?

There are literally thousands of companies’ you can work with and millions of products you could focus on promoting. With so many opportunities to pick from its difficult to know where to focus your efforts for maximum return.

However, as a simple rule of thumb digital products can have some advantages over physical products. The reason being the commission you will receive for the sale of digital products can often be higher than for physical products. The owner of a digital product will often be happy to give away a higher level of commission because the product is delivered online resulting in fewer costs for them. Therefore, really any sales that other people make for them are nearly 100% profit for them.

Step by step guide to how the process works

You have the option of partnering with individual companies’ by joining their affiliate program. The advantage of this option is whatever niche you want to place yourself into there will be a company with a product that will be more than happy for you to promote their product. You can simple do a Google search ‘name of niche you are in +affiliate program’. You then search on the companies’ website for details about how you join their affiliate program.

Alternatively you can join an affiliate network. These networks have thousands of digital and physical products you can promote in the majority of niche areas. The main affiliate networks are:

Clickbank –

Commission Junction –

ShareASale –

So here is the process to follow :

Step 1 – sign up for an affiliate program with a company or one of the affiliate networks

Step 2 – Search for a product you would like to promote and you think is likely to sell well

Step 3 – Collect the link for this product and place it on your website so you can get credit for any sales which come via your website

Step 4 – Collect your commissions


There are different options as to how you go about your affiliate marketing business. You can work towards attracting people to view your website where you have affiliate promotions. This is probably one of the best longer term strategies for success online.

This strategy will involve you providing regular quality content in order to build up your brand and authority in a particular niche. You ideally want to be one of the go to individuals in your particular niche. By providing quality content you will gradually start to build trust.

Alternative strategies could involve attracting individuals to a squeeze page in order to build up an email list. A squeeze page is a web page which is focused on obtaining the visitors email address. This can be achieved by giving the individual something which are they likely to find useful such as a free book / video or training course.

In this respects it is a fair exchange. When you start to build up a list of individuals who are all likely interested in a similar topic you have email them from time to time with other relevant products using your affiliate link. Remember though you will need to give individuals the option of unsubscribing from your email list at any time.

Best way to get into affiliate marketing

Whilst it certaintly can be a great way to make money online by working for yourself and is totally legitimate there can be a few barriers to success. If you don’t have professional guidance from someone who has made a success of this form of business then your chances of building a successful long term business are limited. If you are starting from scratch and trying to learn on the job then it is quite likely that you will struggle for a significant period prior to earning any income.

The solution to this roadblock is to receive the support and guidance of a community of successful affiliate marketers. From all my research to date the best communities offer this form of support alongside easy to follow training which up skills you to a professional level of competence.

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I hope that this article has further encouraged you to consider getting into affiliate marketing. I would love to connect with anyone your to this online business opportunity or those already having a part-time or full-time living from this business.

Please leave any comments below about anything which is unclear or any feedback you have about your experiencing of building up an online business.