Legitimate work from home jobs for moms

As a work-from-home Mom, you will have the opportunity of not only being free and flexible to manage your own time but to find a job that could be your dream one. It can be a job that will provide you with financial rewards and crucially, job satisfaction!

When we look at the various aspects associated with legitimate work from home jobs for moms they can advantage employers and employees. From the point of view of employers, a home-based employee can save them significant overhead and operational costs. For the employee, you can enjoy the flexibility, saving on commuting costs and conveniently combining your home and working environments to suit you and your family.

Here are some suggestions that may interest you.

Job 1. Internet marketing

Many moms enjoy the flexibility of earning an income using their laptop and the power of the internet.  By setting up your own website on a topic which is of interest to you it’s possible to earn regular commissions by promoting relevant products or services.

The earning potential of this opportunity is literally limitless.  Your website can be accessed by people anywhere on the planet and is available 24 / 7.  It can be working for your during your sleep.

There is a lot to learn in order to make a success of this opportunity and I have written an article explaining how to set up this businessclick here to read this article. 

Job 2. Editor and/or Writer

When the subject of writing in mentioned there is generally a response of in many cases, disbelief. However, writing is not just spending months on the world’s greatest novel and although it may not be amongst the easiest of legitimate work from home jobs for moms, it does offer complete versatility. This must be an influencing factor for moms seeking a work-at-home opportunity.

The types of writing jobs available are many and varied for a freelance writer who has the initiative and is prepared for a new and mind-opening experience. To help you further explore this scenario, visit; https://www.workingmums.co.uk/

There is a variety of levels available from which your work-from-home writing career can be launched, with the obvious one being the Internet. As with any other new business, you cannot start at the top, therefore, the first criteria, are, to begin with relatively low paying jobs but will help in establishing your writing credentials.

Alternatively, depending upon your aptitude, and capabilities, you could direct your attention towards proofing and editing. With these types of jobs, although many writers may work during regular business hours, generally, a great deal of the work is flexible and can be completed at a time that suits your schedule.

Job 3. Market cards from home

Birthdays, Christmas and every other type of cards have not only retained their popularity in the UK but as market reports show, the British public is spending more money on them than ever previously! This is not only good for the economy but also if you are looking for legitimate work from home jobs for moms!

Cards send a message which can express our sentiments, related to any and every occasion or event. Christmas is a particularly special time and for those selling cards, it is also an extremely rewarding time. If you have an interest in this market then a visit to https://www.workformums.co.uk/job/flamingo-paperie-1768-sell-cards-from-home-amazing-christmas-business-opportunity/ could provide you with some interesting information.

As an independent partner, you can reap the benefits of a business structure that offers you the opportunity of building an income and business at your own determined pace. In addition, you have the option of also selling stationary items. You can enjoy flexible hours and promote your success with your unique personality.

Job 4. Promote company products

This could be seen as an exceptional opportunity. No previous experience is required and you can generate an income by using your desktop, Smartphone or tablet.

You are provided with a platform designed to permit customers access to exclusive discounts offered by some worldwide recognized top brands. You will be financially rewarded for promoting their offers to customers from commission paid by advertisers for new sign-ups. We are looking for people to trial the offers available in return for a share of the commission we receive.

A visit to https://www.workingmums.co.uk/home-working-jobs/ will provide more details for you but this is an opportunity that enables you to be in control of your life. You have the advantage of an unlimited earning power, no deadlines to meet and you can also take full advantage of all promoted offers to customers.

Job 5.  Franchising

With the advent of the Internet and computer literacy, franchising has developed into, in many cases, lucrative and legitimate work from home jobs for moms. It is a contributing reason for franchising being viewed as a particularly viable business model for women. If you are also a parent, franchising offers two crucial benefits; a balance between your home and work life, and a challenge that offers personal and financial rewards!

You can extend your search for your ideal work-from-home job at; https://www.workingmums.co.uk/women-building-each-other-up-in-franchising-and-business/. According to a NatWest survey, the franchising market has seen remarkable growth as independent entrepreneurs applied their initiative and proved they can make it work even in the toughest of economies!

Admittedly, launching your own business can seem a formidable task. However, in the franchising world, you will have some backup. Any reputable franchise will provide training and support, usually direct from the franchiser and head office. In addition, you can call upon a network of experienced franchisees who also started by seeking legitimate work from home jobs for moms!


There are many and worthwhile work from home jobs for moms advertised on the Internet. They offer in some instances, amazing opportunities for inexperienced people to enter and establish their own enterprise. Generally, there is no fee required and training is part of the offer.

On that note, the same Internet is full of fraudsters with false promises of wealth. If you are seeking a work-from-home job do not be fooled by any offer that seems too good to be true. It usually is! Similarly, if there is any question of an upfront payment or any kind of fee requested, to join an amazing money-making dream, press the exit button

This is an exciting experience for you and one that can be turned into a great success. Reputable organizations are seeking reliable work-from-home Moms for flexible, part-time work and they are prepared to support you in your venture. As you search the wide and varied range of work from home jobs for moms keep in mind this old business proverb; “read the small print carefully.”


Work from home jobs for people with disabilities

Searching for any job can at first appear to be a daunting task particularly if you have not been employed for a long period. However, when you possess knowledge that assists you in finding work from home jobs for people with disabilities and you know the type of job you are seeking, then life can become easier. Take into consideration your skills and the hours you would like to work? There are Jobs available on a full-time basis, and temporary.

In certain instances, jobs can offer flexible working hours, and even arrange for them to meet your particular circumstances and situation. You should also consider whether you are looking for permanent or temporary work. The Internet now offers many and varied opportunities for those with disabilities!

One exciting opportunity is setting up your own income producing website.  I’ve written a separate article about how to go about doing that – click here to read this article.

Job 1. Customer care representative

Customer care is a crucial part of any business and if you are comfortable speaking on the phone and resolving issues this could be an ideal opportunity for you. It has been the case in many instances that this type of occupation has been sourced out to other non-native English-speaking countries.

The perception regarding this outsourcing has changed to a significant degree due to organizations realizing that their help-seeking customers have been inconvenienced by language and cultural complications. This has opened doors of opportunity for those seeking work from home jobs for people with disabilities.

It is a job that brings you into contact with many people and is always interesting. This is due to the nature of the conversations you have with the various customers and the challenges posed in your making someone’s day a lot better!

Job 2. Securities Traders

The function of s Securities trader is selling securities, for example, stocks private individuals and companies. In addition, you would link buyers and sellers within different markets, as well as trading products such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

However, this is one of the “work from home jobs for people with disabilities” that demands more, because you will be called upon to advise firms seeking investors. Due to the advantages of computers and the Internet, this job is one that you can benefit from at home. For more information visit;


To make an application for this type of work you will need the required education and appropriate skills, with a minimum requirement being a bachelor’s degree in business or finance. Alternatively, a Master of Business Administration supported by proven sales, communications abilities, analysis, and mathematical capabilities. If you meet the determined job specifications this is a wonderful earnings’ opportunity!

Job 3. Artist in Fine Arts and Crafts

If you are someone who has creative and perseverance abilities in the form of drawing, painting, woodworking or sewing clothing, and are prepared to work hard, this work from home jobs for people with disabilities could be for you!

Selling fine art and crafts online can be highly rewarding and can be turned into a financial and personally satisfying career. It is ideal if you have the artistic talents and are seeking a means of expressing them. Further advice can be gained at;


It is your choice whether your particular medium is in crafting from clay, wood, metal, glass, or another material. One aspect of this opportunity which should encourage you is that today, it has never been easier or more convenient to design and present an online shop for selling your creations to an ever-searching audience of buyers.

While many creative fine art and craft artists do attend art school, for others practice and experience can be all that is needed!

Job 4. Selling online

The Internet is alive with a vast audience looking for bargains to buy, which can be anything and everything. If you have a particular creative talent and enhance it by putting in some research time and discover what are the best-sellers in that category. This offers you the potential of lucrative work from home jobs for people with disabilities.

Instead of making items to sell, discover what people want to buy. Use the power of the Internet to find possible sources of people who are seeking outlets for their own home-created products. If you have the skills to manufacture your own sale able items cost-effectively, then that is your starting point, Visit this site for some more ideas: https://study.com/articles/home-based_jobs_for_people_with_disabilities.html

Remember, there are many people throughout the UK who are also seeking work from home jobs for people with disabilities. They could possess a wide range of talent and even be producing sale able products, for example, knitted garments and would welcome an online sales outlet for them. This can include the DIY producers among many others, who are waiting for the right opportunity to arrive, which could be you!


Developing your existing talent and skills

There is an abundance of people looking for work from home jobs for people with disabilities who can offer a wide and varied range of skills in all their forms. There is a huge volume of talent available which has been developed and which in the right environment and given the right opportunity can provide a satisfying career outlet with a supportive income. If you are part of this latent skills and creative talented population then The Guild of Disabled Homeworkers could be of assistance; contact them at; http://opencharities.org/charities/264767

They offer retail outlets from which people with disabilities can present and sell their work to the public. The guild does not take any commission on the sales you make with all proceeds fed directly to the producer of the products. It makes an exceptional opportunity for those who have the skills and are looking for work from home jobs for people with disabilities.

The opportunities for many confined-to-home people are today wide and varied and in most respects, you possess a skill or a talent that is market-related. It’s just a question of letting your fingers walk across your computer keyboard!

Work from home jobs for retired people

In this world of rising costs and getting less for your money, many retired people are finding that it’s becoming more of a challenge to pay the bills. What in the past seemed at first seemed a comfortable and livable retirement package now has been reduced to just getting by. On the other hand, you could be in a situation that having retired from a stimulating occupation, you are finding that time hangs heavily on your hands and you need some stimulation.

Whatever your reason, you have made the decision to rejoin the workplace, and are seeking work from home jobs for retired people!

One exciting opportunity is to creating an income online. I’ve written an article about how to go about doing this click here to read my article on setting up a money making website.

The job market is waiting for you

If you are feeling any sense of trepidation about re-launching yourself into the job market, forget it! There are many and varied opportunities for retired folk and keep in mind that you possess something that cannot be bought; experience. Another thought for you, is that there are student loans available to you that enable you to learn new skills and start a completely new career. Some valuable information regarding available jobs can be found at https://www.theguardian.com/money/2004/jan/25/workandcareers.observercashsection. However, listed below are examples of the work from home jobs for retired people, which are only a few of those available to you!

Job 1. Earn cash for surveys

If you either have a particular talent or enjoy talking to people on the phone, you can be paid for doing what you like. Companies are prepared to pay you reasonable money for your opinions.

Taking online surveys offers convenient work from home jobs for retired people and take a short space of your time. Depending on those you select, they are usually uncomplicated, as well as fast to complete. If you prefer a more technical route then market research organizations are prepared to pay you relatively very well for your time in a focus group session.

Generally, they are easy to fill in and can pay very well for the few minutes of the time you spend; visit; pineconeresearch.co.uk for more information. Alternatively, market research groups are prepared to pay up to £50 to people who are willing to spend a couple of hours at a focus group session. A starting point for you could be sarosresearch.com!

Just one thing to keep in mind; do not consider paying so-called ‘membership fees’ to gain access to market research firms. They are easy to find directly by surfing the Internet.

Job 2. Paid exam assessments from home

These are work from home jobs for retired people that will be close to the hearts of ex-educators or those who want to make a difference and help the younger generations. A reference for this one is: https://www.saga.co.uk/magazine/money/work/careers/make-money-working-from-home

During your spare time in the summer months, retired teachers, and other qualified persons are required by exam assessment boards. Generally, it involves marking “GCSE” and “A Level” papers. To start this extremely worthwhile career you need a computer and if you are apprehensive about the job content, there is no need to be.

You will receive online training from the board to ensure your marking is consistent. If you have qualifications in the English language or a good knowledge of it, or history, and science these are subjects that particularly need your expertise! As with any occupation, there are certain deadlines but due to the computer program being available to you 24 x 7, you are able to utilize effective time-management.

Payment is made according to each paper completed and the amount will be determined by the subjects and the number of scripts.


Job 3. Host Foreign students

This is an interesting opportunity for those considering work from home jobs for retired people. Within the main cities of the UK, there are many schools teaching foreign languages. Accommodation across the country is generally limited and for those seeking it, finding a suitable place to stay can be a challenge. This is a particular application related to these schools continuously searching for student accommodation, which includes businessmen and women.

You can learn more about this type of opportunity by visiting,

https://www.saga.co.uk/magazine/money/work/careers/make-money-working-from-home. Very often all that is required by the schools for the students is a bed and breakfast facility and an evening family meal. If you have a vacant spare room, this can offer you the means of utilizing it for an excellent purpose and reward you financially.

It’s generally recognised that the demand for this accommodation is between April and September. In the event of you being concerned about your life being disrupted, the students are usually away from the house by 08h00 and do not return until the early evening and their meal.


Job 4. Ironing and/or Laundry service

This is a work from home jobs for retired people opportunity waiting for you in these days of everyone being busy and on the move. By your investing a few hours of time each day, you could reap a not insignificant financial return. You need a reliable iron, with a spare one advisable, and some sturdy coat hangers; keeping in mind that men can also wield a mean iron! This all helps in creating a good impression, supported by some business cards, with the offer, if possible, of a collection-and-return service.

Your local businesses are a good target market with you only needing about 5-customers from a single location. This proves more cost and time-efficient than five different areas. Having the facilities for a shirt wash and iron service will increase your service popularity!

As you look for work from home jobs for retired people conduct some research on what is happening to the laundry in your area, and what comparable services offer.


As a retired person you must be considered as being a free agent, which is an appealing thought when it involves you having the freedom regarding the type of job you can choose. It’s a free and wide open market in which to launch you no matter for what reason.

Setting up your own internet business is an opportunity many retired people are the world are realising with the support of Wealthy Affiliate.

There are a vast number of opportunities waiting for you to pursue and take advantage of them. It’s simply a question of searching for your preferences. Your own motivation will help determine the most suitable occupation for your personal needs and satisfaction!


Online work for the disabled

There are many people in all walks of life seeking supplementary incomes, including those who are able-bodied and those who are disabled. If you are considered one of the latter you should not feel discouraged because there are many and varied work-from-home and online jobs available to you. It’s mainly a question of finding the right source.

One fantastic opportunity is to make money with affiliate marketing by setting up and running your very own niche website. I’ve written a comprehensive article about how to go about doing this – click here to read that article.

However, before we take you into the online work for the disabled that is available, we must determine the main skills you need to help you make a success of your online job!

What you can offer employers

No matter whether you are able-bodied or disabled, or the type of work you are seeking, in general, there are determined requirements you need to meet to satisfy a potential employer for an online occupation. The first, logically, are some basic skills and familiarity with a computer; for example:

  • A working comprehension of English
  • Surfing and searching on the Internet
  • Emailing,
  • Writing a document

There is no problem if English is not your native language, providing you are capable of understanding it, speaking, and writing in the language with relative ease. For any independent worker, in the field of online work for the disabled, there is the factor of Self Discipline. This is an essential asset in keeping you motivated, to maintain performance and a regular work schedule, despite not having a boss looking over your shoulder!

Having established those guidelines for you, here are a few jobs that could set you on the road to business success!

Representative – Customer Service

If you are an outgoing individual with an even temperament, an aware listener who can assist people with issues can multi-task and think fast, a Customer Service representative could be the job for you. Various organizations and companies offer this type of job to people with disabilities, including: https://www.totaljobs.com/job/customer-service-advisor/arise-virtual-solutions-job80917456?v=1539875833394

In this particular online work for the disabled, if you possess the aforesaid qualities, a position in Customer Service will provide job satisfaction. Your responsibilities could include helping answer products and account-related questions from customers. In addition, you could be involved with some technical support and various other services by way of the Internet or on the phone.

In the event of your being bilingual, there could be even more opportunities available to you.

Freelance Writing and Editing

If the resume you offer regarding online work for the disabled includes your being well versed in the English language and enjoy the written word, then you could be a strong candidate for Freelance Writing and Editing. Initially, it could take some start-up time from launching your profile and receiving offers. However, once you have become recognized and completed some successful assignments, your reputation can become established and your pay rate rises accordingly.

This is an international job with your first step after signing up with, for instance, https://hubpages.com/business/eHow will be to present your online portfolio, designed to attract the attention of prospective clients. This will include your career background, education and qualifications earned. Your portfolio should include a variety of subjects designed to display your versatility.

Various means are offered by online freelance agencies that enable you to take advantage of self-improvement in your chosen work as a freelancer. For further information visit: https://www.upwork.com/l/gb. When making an application, ensure that it is personalized as with any other resume.

Online products selling

Many disabled people possess extraordinary and commercially viable talents. These can include craftsmen and women with the ability to create and make unique and sale able products such as Pottery, Jewelry or even items like Dolls, Teddy Bears, or other items with a particular appeal.

There are various platforms that can be used for online work for the disabled, for example, .https://www.etsy.com / or https://www.ebay.co.uk. There is a vast Internet community, all seeking something original for a wide and varies range of purposes; as collectors, unusual gifts and ornaments. If you are unable to make the products yourself, contact your family and friends or various home craft product outlets. Admittedly, this type of online job can be challenging and time-consuming but it can also be financially rewarding if you develop the right contacts.

One aspect to be aware of and avoid is to NOT become involved with work-from-home craft “assembly” work, whereby you are required to buy materials from them to assemble and return for payment. If this work appeals to you then make sure you become associated with a reputable organisation!

Data Entry Options


A visit to https://work-from-home-data-entry.net/ can provide you with some background knowledge and online work for the disabled, such as opportunities related to Data-Entry Posting. This job involves posting company brands, services, and products on the Internet, worldwide. There are many thousands of online companies and websites that continuously need their online presence to be enhanced.

You will be required to post online content by way of determined posting facilities provided. Following training, you will be capable of posting for a wide and varied range of online organizations.

Clerical Data-Entry

After a training period, you would as a clerical data-entry operator be tasked with general word-processing work. Your assignments would include, for example, creating business literature, and forms, as well as documents such as corporate directories, and fax cover sheets. Most of the work allocated to you will already be formatted for you to reproduce the data on the required forms.


It has been proven in many and varied fields that people with disabilities possess talents and skills, many of them with experience that makes for ideal employees. However, it is also a fact that there are those who have physical or medical limitations that can prevent them from entering the usual working environment. If this applies to you, then your answer could be working from home.

The Internet has opened doors of opportunity for online work for the disabled such as: https://www.flexjobs.com/international/United-Kingdom-telecommuting-jobs. There is always a shortage of particular skills and for the performance of tasks that can help relieve the burden of those in the traditional work-place.


Online jobs for University Students

As a student, it always seems as though there is much more time than money! In other words, in your study life, there is never enough money available to meet your needs. However, don’t despair because there are various opportunities out there for making money, and just waiting for your talent.

The Internet can open doors to a vast and exciting world of online jobs for university students. It’s the place where you can earn your much-needed cash as you dive between assignments and attending lectures. As a bonus; it is your secret, which means that you can spend this extra financial wealth on anything you choose, and for you, it can make your ambitions limitless!

One potentially lucrative option would be to set up a money making blog. Click here to read my article on the best way to go about doing this.

Here are some other ideas that can set you on the right money-road.

Earn Money Playing Games Online

We can start with an idea that will be close to the hearts of those seeking online jobs for university students. Imagine being paid for working at something on the Internet that you normally enjoy as a pastime!

It is not being suggested or recommended that you become involved in poker games on the internet which will cost you money instead of earning it. No, this is an opportunity for you to explore whereby the developers of online and other games, recruit and pay students to subject their latest creations to testing. This is designed to see if you can break them down.

There are certain websites available if you are looking for online jobs for university students that offer payments for playing games or others that reward you with cash prizes. This is also a gaming safety net for you, because should anyone, such as a parent inquire about why you are playing games and wasting time on the Internet instead of working! Well, they would be pleasantly surprised to learn that you are ingenuously having fun and working at the same time!

Online Teaching

You are a university student, right? What can be a better way of earning some money than passing your educational learning capabilities and experience onto other people who are eager to expand their own knowledge! When you seek online jobs for university students the world is literally your oyster. There are many countries across the globe where many of the population are desperate for self-improvement; for example, learning English or various other subjects.

For many, the cost of their local tuition is beyond their means, which opens the online door for you. There are various websites offering excellent earnings per hour to students like you. With the benefits provided by Skype, you can communicate free-of-charge for hours, with just a microphone and headphones attached to your PC or Mac.

Data Entry and Surveys

Data is a motivating and crucial aspect of the Internet and it is therefore logical that online businesses require help in uploading it for them. Although this type of online job could be viewed as relatively offering low payment, it is, however, a job that is convenient and easy. In other words, it is a “no-brainer.”

It’s a job that once you get used to, can be done whilst you are talking to your family, friends or even watching television. Best of all, this online job for university students is available for you to earn money 24-by-7, anytime, day or night, when it suits you! Don’t take the first option; compare offers and conditions that work for you! The basic Data Entry job type differs from a transcription job, another form of data entry or medical coding, which generally require a higher skill level than typical data entry work. Also, medical coding work demands a higher education and experience than the data entry jobs.

It’s your choice, with some employers also offering office-based or call centre data entry work as well as working from home. The majority of companies hire independent contractors for data entry processing.

An alternative online job for university students to Data Entry is the Survey route because of the unique opportunities offered by the sources that represent all the online survey companies. Therefore, it’s you to choose the ones that best suit you.

Temporary Tasking Jobs

If you would prefer a temporary-task type of job, also known as a “Micro-job” then there are various options available to you, generally booked on the Internet. The work offered can include online positions or physical presence jobs. Some options open as online jobs for university students include a Virtual Assistant, Website Design, and Writing Blogs. The money you can earn will vary, and depend on the job type and the fees charged by the Micro-jobs website.

We all possess inherent natural skills, from street dance, on a surfboard or philosophy and beyond! You could have a talent for writing gadget reviews or posting entries on social media sites, such as Face-Book. Online businesses are prepared to pay you for this type of work. It is not only designed to boost their Google Ranking but it is utilizing personnel effectively and economically, which is good for you!


It must be admitted that working online is not the preference for everybody. Instead, there are many students who would rather take a temporary position in the regular commercial world. With this in mind, whether seeking regular or online jobs for university students the Internet is a valuable search source for you. This is due to more companies are increasingly advertising on this medium and will respond to you directly on your phone

Also, don’t be discouraged by some rejections. There are many sites waiting to give you opportunities for earning money. As a newbie, the employers involved with the Internet are constantly seeking new talent, concepts, and fresh ideas and energy. Therefore, perseverance and some thorough online searching for online jobs for university students could get that income you want! In many instances, you not only earn some money but have the opportunity of further self-development and gaining valuable work-related experience.




Online jobs for students in Pakistan

In this article we will discuss online jobs for students in Pakistan. Students in Pakistan have the potential of joining a global community of online entrepreneurs. We will discuss in this article some specific strategies to starting your new online job.

Become a Wealthy Affiliate

Sadly some people who decide to try to make money online don’t achieve their ambition. A common reason for this failure is that they lack the necessary knowledge and skills to make a success of their online business.

Unless you have the support and guidance of someone who is already successful in the business you are setting up then your path to success if likely to take significantly longer.

A way around this potential roadblock is to join an online community of individual who are already achieving success online. The best community are a place where you can not only receive support and guidance but also professional training.

One such community is Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve written a more detailed article about how Wealthy Affiliate can assist the growth of your online business click here to read it.

An important advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate platform is that it offers a simple way of setting up your website. In fact it’s ‘site builder’ feature allows you to pick for an almost endless number of website templates which have design features specific to different businesses.

This means that no matter what form of website business you would like to set up there will be a website template highly suited to your needs. The website also come with build in protection from hackers and run on super faster serves to increase the speed of your website.

Create a money-making website

One of the best online jobs for students in Pakistan is the creation of money making websites. The internet revolution has seen an increasingly large number of people around the world making full-time incomes from running just one website.

The reason for this growth individuals making a living from running a website is that people around the world have become increasingly confident to buy products and services online.

With this confidence there has been a change in consumers buying habits. Traditional high street and city centre shops have closed and retails are moving their operations online.

This has produced a fantastic opportunity for the enterprising student in Pakistan to cash in on this change in consumer habits.

By creating a website which targets a particular niche market you can get a slice of this lucrative online business.

Turn your passion into an online business

You can create a website on literally any subject and this can be the foundation of your online business. It’s best to pick a topic for your website which you really are interested in and passionate about. This will be important because it will help you kept focused on building your website even when you don’t see immediate success.

You can pick as the subject of your website one of your current hobbies or a topic related to your current studies. However, you make use of your free time should give you some indications of what you are passionate about and some ideas of what to focus your website on.

Once you have bought a domain name and hosting for your website the next step is to start to build up your website by regularly writing posts which your readers will find interesting and helpful.

By getting into the habit of regularly writing blog posts for your reader you can gradually be regarded as an expert on your particular field. So, when people want information on something they will start to think about looking for this on your website.

Once you are receiving regular visitors to your website you are then in a good position to consider methods of turning this traffic into an online income.

How to make money from your website

Affiliate marketing is one way of turning your regular website traffic into an online income. Affiliate marketing involves being paid by other companies to promote their products. You can put a special link on your website to a product available to buy at another company. If your website visitor clicks on this link and subsequently buys this product then you can get paid a commission by this company.

One of the most famous companies that have a special program for affiliates is Amazon. Many people don’t realise that the products for sale on Amazon can be promoted for commission payments by individuals like you.

Many companies offer similar programs for affiliates to promote their products for a commission. In fact it doesn’t really matter what niche you eventually choose for your website as it is highly likely that there will be a company that has an affiliate program you could join.

Alongside promoting products on your website there are other ways to make money. You can join Google Adsense and allow Google to place relevant advertisements on your website. You will get paid each time someone clicks on one of these adverts.

There are advantages and disadvantages to participating with Google Adsense. A key advantages is that once you have added the code Google give you to your website you really don’t need to do anything else in order to start receiving payments.

A key disadvantage is that it might start to make your website look a bit messy. No one really likes having lots of adverts all over the place when they are looking for information on a topic. In the end though it is a decision you will need to make.


As you can see from this article there is a golden opportunity to start and build an online affiliate marketing business with the support available at Wealthy Affiliate. Students in Pakistan have never before had the opportunities to start and grow a business online as you do today.

If you have any questions about any aspect of this article then please leave me a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.




Earn money online for students in india

In this article we will discuss ways to generate an income online for students in India. Starting to earn an income whilst you are still studying is a really smart use of your time. The financial benefits of making money online are just one part of why it’s a good project.

You will also be learning valuable skills you can later take on into whatever employment you take up after your studies. Alternatively you may enjoy working online so much you may even continue to do so even after your studies are over.

Make money with a website

The potential to generate a part-time or full-time income online has never been better. There are several ways to earn money online for students in India. Probably the most attractive way is to participate in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves being paid a commission for any products which are referred by you to another companies’ website. The first step in earning money with affiliate marketing is setting up your own website.

Once you have your own website you are in an excellent position to grow your online internet marketing business. There is a lot of competition online and it is well-known that quite a lot of people struggle to make money with their website.

The main reason for this is a lack of professional knowledge and skill. If you don’t already know someone who is making a decent income online then a smart move is to join a community of online entrepreneurs where to you can access suitable training and support in growing your Internet business.

A great place to find this is at Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve written an article about using Wealthy Affiliate to grow your business – click here to read this article.

Picking a niche for your website

Making a success of your online business can hang a lot on picking the right niche. A niche is just the topic of your website. Would you like your website to be about fashion, the environment, politics or beauty / health promotion?

I’ve listed some questions in order to help you start to think about a suitable topic for your website:

What are you most passionate about in life?

What really gets your excited and sparks your curiosity?

What topic would you not mind writing about on a regular basis?

What topic would you love to learn more about?

How do you like to spend your free time – could any of activities you engage in during your free time be good topics for your website?

Brainstorm some answers to each of the above questions and then circle the words or topics which seem to come up repeatedly. Perhaps this could be a good niche for your website business.

Getting people to visit your website

If no one visits your website then obviously you won’t make any money. When lot of people visit your website then you’re earning potential is limitless.

One of the most effective methods of getting regular visitors to your website is making use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is really very simple. It is a technique for setting up your website in such a way that it achieves a high ranking in the search engines.

The words people type into a search engine such as Google are described as keywords. Using a keyword research tool such as Jaaxy (available at Wealthy Affiliate) it is possible to find out how many people are typing in particular keywords and how many other websites have set themselves up to target those keywords.

The title or your articles should be targeted at keywords which are frequently searched but are not very competitive in terms of the number of other websites which have targeted that particular word combination. This will assist you in achieving a higher ranking in the search engines and therefore people will be more likely to find and read your article.

The best type of keywords to target are called ‘long tail keywords’. These are keywords with several words in them. These keywords tend to be less competitive to rank for in the search engines. When you target many long tail keywords you can drive a lot of traffic (visitors) to your website.

Ideally your aim should be to rank on the first page of Google as many people do not move beyond this first page when looking for information. A simple way of utilizing the benefits of SEO is to install the ‘All in one SEO pack’ on your word press website.

Multiple streams of online income

Once your website is up and running its time to think about taking steps to generate multiple sources of income from it. I’ve listed below a few ideas of how to start making multiple sources of income from your website:

  1. Affiliate links – you can partner up with Amazon by become one of their affiliates. You can sign up to become an Amazon affiliate – https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/. After you have signed up you can search for products listed on Amazon and obtain a special code which you can put on your website. This could include a picture of the product which when clicked on your website will lead the customer to the Amazon website. If they go on to buy a product you will receive a commission for the sale.
  2. Sell your own products – alongside receiving commissions for products sole on a third party website you could always decide to sell your own products or services on your website. One possibility would be to promote yourself and your professional services on your website. One possibility would be to create you very own product and list it for sale on your website. One possibility would be to have the product in an easy to instantly download format. In this way you could sell your product to a global audience.
  3. Google ad sense – allows you to insert HTML into your site in order to have ads appear which when clicked result in you receiving a payment. This advertising program will populate your website with relevant adverts associated with the content of your website.


I really hope that this article helps you to see the potential of the internet for generating you an income. If you have started along the way of making money online then I would love to hear about your journey to date and what has helped you make progress.





Ways to make money as college student

In this article we will discuss ways to make money as a college student.

Make money online with a website

One of the most exciting ways to make money as college student is to set up and run your own website. I’ve written a more in depth article on training and support available with taking this option – click here to read that article.

Having your own website puts you in the driving seat of your very own online business. There are several ways you can make money from having your own website. One of the most attractive ways is to make money with affiliate marketing.

You have probably already heard that affiliate marketing is a growth business. For those of you who haven’t heard about affiliate marketing previously it is a relatively simple business. By putting a link on your website to products offered by other companies’ can earn you a commission for any subsequent sales.

The great thing about this form of business is that you are not responsible for processing the payment of the customer because they don’t actually buy anything from you directly. They make their purchase from the other companies’ website.

This removes one of the biggest hassles to setting up your online business as processing credit card payments on your website can be length and complicated to set up.

Another great feature of making money with affiliate marketing is that you can choose to set up your website around a subject / topic that genuinely interests you.

By creating blog posts on topics you are passionate about you get to research and develop your own knowledge on an area that is exciting for you. Whatever you are interested in there will be products and serves you can promote on your website which are directly relevant and likely of interest to your readers.

There is a lot to learn if you are interested in making a decent income from affiliate marketing and its helpful have some form of support from an online community such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Make money online without a website

If you don’t want to buy your own website then there are still various ways to make money online. You could become an EBay seller.

This is a popular route for those individuals who don’t want to run their own website. You can list items for sale on EBay utilizing their platform.

The trick of course is to find a source of products you can sell on EBay at a profit. One possibility is to become regular attender in second hand stores and to research the items for sale prior to buying them to ensure you will make a profit when you resell them on the EBay site.

Many people are making a healthy living by creating videos and listing them on YouTube. You can create PowerPoint presentations and video these making use of Camtasia screen capturing. This could be a general ‘how to video’. By having a link to a relevant product on your video you can develop a passive form of income.

There are thousands of products available on Clickbank.com which you could choose to promote. All you need to do is to get your own affiliate link from the Clickbank product you would like to promote via your video.


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to publish your own book and have it for sale across the world? What about publishing 10 books or even 50 books?

It has never been easier to self-publish and sell these books to a global audience.

You can list your books with Amazon Kindle direct publishing. They make it very easy to list your book and within a matter of minutes your book is listed on the Amazon sites around the world.

If you enjoy writing then you can of course write the book yourself. A lot of people think that they are not expert enough to write their own book. The truth is that there are probably things are you interested in which you know more about than a lot of other people. You can turn your interests and knowledge into a helpful book to help others learn from your experience.

If you really don’t enjoy writing then this is not a problem. You can simply hire someone else to write a book for you. There are some great outsourcing websites such as www.upwork.com where you can hire a freelancer to write you a book at often quite reasonable prices.

Offline money making opportunities

There are lots of opportunities for making money as a college student. It will take some creativity and energy on your part but it will be well worthwhile as not only will you earn some income but also learn useful skills to take forward in whatever you choose to do after college.

Picture yourself trying one of the following ideas:

  • Make money with your car – turn your car into a taxi service. Research the regulations in your local city for setting yourself up as a taxi service. Drive people to their destination and charge a fair price for doing so.
  • Coaching / tutoring – share your knowledge and skills with others. If you are at college then you could choose to teach younger or less experienced individuals in your specialized field of knowledge. You can teach individuals face to face, in group or even online making use of Skype. In fact you could even teach individuals in a different country.
  • Photography – advance your photography skills and charge a fair price for being a wedding or events photographer. If you are a skilled musician you could set yourself up for playing at weddings or other events.


As you can see there is a wide range of ways you could build up a source of income during your college days and beyond. You may love one of these options so much you continue to do it even after you have graduated from college.





Easy ways make money as college student

In this article we will explore money making opportunities open to college students. Everyone knows how expensive it is these days for college students.

After tuition fees and living expenses there is not much money left for entertainment without building up significant debts by the end of the college course. Some smart college students are already considering ways of generating an income whilst they are still studying.

Set up a money making website

When considering easy ways make money as college student then setting up a website is definitely a top option. Running your own website is running your own business. This is one of many advantages of working on your website as a strategy for generating an income, you are your own boss.

It’s possible to generate an income from creating unique interesting content that other people will want to read via affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a growth business model whereby you can get paid a commission by other business for any referred sales generated via your website. Click here to read my article on easy ways to get into affiliate marketing.

Running your own website allows you to explore your own interests and passions in life. Whatever gets you really excited could be a good option for creating a website around. If you love traveling, languages or fashion why not turn this into a website and start sharing your passion with others around the world.

There are many examples of college students who have made the most of their free time to set up successful businesses. Mark Zuckerberg set up Facebook whilst he was studying at Harvard College. The founder of Microsoft Bill Gates also started setting up businesses whilst at college.

You don’t have to set up a world-famous business like Zuckerberg or Gates in order to generate a generous income online. You just need to remember the massive possibilities available online.

Get into a micro niche

In order to make a success of your online website business it is important to specialize in a very specific topic. Internet entrepreneurs describe this has picking your niche. A niche is simply a topic area which is going to appeal to a particular group of people.

So ‘golf’ is a niche and will appeal to individuals interested in this particular sport. In order to develop a regular income from your website you will need regular visitors to your website. The best way of doing this is targeting a sub niche. So a sub niche could be ‘left-handed golfing equipment’.

A sub niche is a good option to focus your website around because there is likely to be fewer websites already on the internet targeting this particular topic. With less competition you are more likely to rank highly in the search engines and therefore will receive more visitors.

A concern for many people is that by targeting a highly specialized market there won’t be that many people interested in the topic and therefore they won’t make any money.

However you need to remember that there are millions of people around the world who now have access to the internet. With so many people now online there will always be people interested somewhere in the world in your website topic.

Make Amazon pay your bills

Rather than spending your money buying products from Amazon imagine what it would be like if Amazon was paying you! When you have your own website up and running then this can be a reality.

By putting a link on your website to any products offered on the Amazon website you can get paid for any subsequent sales. So if your website is on golf then you could put a link to a book about golf which is available to buy from Amazon. Anyone who buys this book after they have clicked on your link will result in your being paid a commission by Amazon.

The great thing about this is that if the person bought a book about golf but they also went on to buy some golf clubs from Amazon you would also be paid a commission for this sale as well. Whilst your commission for the sale of a book might be relatively small the commission you receive for the golf clubs is likely to be somewhat larger.

There are many other companies you could choose to promote on your website. In fact whatever niche you choose for your website there will be a company which has an affiliate program you could link up to your website.

Build a website as a wealth creation strategy

Many rich people today didn’t start out life rich, they learned that in order to become wealthy they needed to invest in assets. An asset is anything which can generate you an income. Running your own website can generate you an income like other assets people invest in such as property or shares.

The advantage of building a website asset is that it is much cheaper than investing money in property or shares. If you work at your website then you are literally building your own asset.

When you have set up one website and are making money with this then you can repeat the process with a second and third website. In this way your income can grow rapidly. Once you have set up a website it can continue to generate you an income whilst you are sleeping. It is available and working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


I hope that this article has sparked off your interest in learning more about affiliate marketing. Please read my article about how to get into affiliate marketing utilizing the support of a friendly community of like-minded internet entrepreneurs at Wealthy Affiliate – click here to read this article.

If you have any questions which pop up into your mind as a result of reading this article please leave me a comment below and I would be more than happy to help you out. If you are a college student who is already making money with some strategies outlined in this article it would be great to hear about your experiences so please leave a comment below to inspire other readers.





Home business ideas for students

In this article I will explain ways for students to start a business from home. I would like to argue that your student years are the best time to start a business.

The process of starting and running your own business will teach you valuable skills that you can take with you no matter what you choose to do in the future.

The perfect fit for students – start an internet business

There are hundreds to businesses you could choose to run from home. Here is a short list of home business ideas for students:

  • Dry cleaning / ironing service – charge customers to iron their shirts for them
  • Food / catering – if you have a talent in the kitchen why not exploit this and charge customers for catering services
  • Fitness business – become a personal trainer and get you customers in excellent shape
  • Beaty therapy – why not specialize in hair or nails and share your passion for looking good with the world
  • Personal tutoring – tutor individuals or small groups utilizing your specialist knowledge
  • Become a freelancer – register with www.upwork.com and apply to do some listed jobs
  • Trading – learn about the financial markets and buy shares in undervalued companies and sell when they go up

Any of the above opportunities could help you start and grow a home based business. All of them could be done by a student.

I would like to argue those that focuses on setting up an internet business could be a particularly good option as a student. The advantage of an internet business is that you can pick and choose your working hours. This can help you to fit your business around your college / university studies.

An internet business also has the potential of generating you a significant amount of money if done right. This is not necessarily the case for a lot of other home based business opportunities. If you are going to take the time to set up a business you might as well focus your efforts in an area that at least has the potential of making you wealthy one day.

Types of internet business

There are various different types of internet business you could choose to focus on. I will list some options below along with their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Affiliate marketing – often described as the perfect online business affiliate marketing involves getting paid to promote other peoples products. By creating a website in an area of interest to you and regularly adding interesting content over time you can generate traffic to your website. By having links on your website to relevant products or services which may interest your readers you can get paid a commission for any sales generated via your link. The advantage of this form of internet business is that it you are not responsible for collecting money from customers credit cards. You are also not responsible for posting out items to customers which can be time-consuming.
  • Drop shipping – drop shipping is a form on online business whereby you create a website and list products which are owned and shipped to the customer by a third party. This form of business can genuinely generate a significant level of income / profit provided you carefully pick products with a good profit margin. The disadvantage of this form of business is that you will need some money to get started and there is quite a lot to learn in order to be a success. There is a good book available on Amazon on how to set up this form of business written by Christine Clayfied ‘Drop shipping & eCommerce – What you need and where to get it’.

Become a Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is an ideal fit for many students. You can run this business from home and work on it as and when you have some free time. You don’t really need much money to get started and you and choose to promote whatever products interest you.

There are lots of companies which have affiliate programs which you can benefit from. The best known is the Amazon Affiliate program. You can get a link from Amazon and put this on your website from any of their millions of products.

Whilst it does have the potential to generate you an income, in order to make a long-lasting success of this business opportunity you will probably need to support and guidance as to the best way to go about it. There are a lot of training courses available online that will teach you the necessary skills and some of these also combine website hosting a support of a community of other internet entrepreneurs.

I’ve written an article about Wealthy Affiliate which combines these different features – click here to read this article.

Top tips for online success

Here are a number of ideas to increase your chances of online success:

  • Just focus on one website. If you try to create multiple websites then you will end up having to spread your time across each of these sites. This could result in you not having sufficient time and energy invested in any one site meaning that none of your site will end up making money.
  • Pick and niche you are genuinely interested in and research whether people actually spend money in this area. Make use of keyword research tools such as market samurai or Google’s keyword research tool in order to investigate how many people are actively looking for information on the topic you are considering for your website. If you find that no one is typing words into Google related to your proposed website then it might be worth considering a different niche.
  • Allocate some time every day to work on your website. Little and often is a good strategy as is getting into a habit of working on your business. Small amounts of time on a regular basis will quickly add up.


As you can see from this article there are lots of possibility for starting a home based business as a student. I hope this has sparked your enthusiasm for building your own little (or not so little) online business.