How to earn extra money in the philippines

Everyone has the right to financial freedom. Often we are unable to enjoy the financial freedom, first, because we think it is impossible, secondly, because we are afraid to take action since we have already decided that it is impossible.

Always keep in mind; we need a little courage to achieve what we actually desire to have in our lives. We need the courage to think big, courage to take action and courage to move forward irrespective of the circumstances.

However, if you are the one who is really looking forward to having financial freedom in life and enjoy your life at the fullest, we have compiled a list of the ways which could help you out in how to earn extra money in the Philippines.

Set up an Online Company

Setting up your online business is similar to setting up your offline business; it just differs in a way that instead of having a physical space, you need a website to operate your website.

A popular and successful form of online business is affiliate marketing where you get paid to promote products from well known companies such as Amazon.  Getting professional training and support will increase your chance of building a successful online business.  Such support is available at Wealthy Affiliate.

Like the rest of the countries in the world, in the Philippines, you can sell your products or services online. If you have any kind of Offline Company, you can upgrade your company via the internet to reach even more clients.

This can raise your total sales as well as profit. If you don’t have any kind of offline entity you can still begin online service by advertising the products of other customers via e-commerce websites.

You can create your very own on the internet store via Shopify, WooCommerce or any other online platform for different products and sell them around the globe. The products may include, clothing, beauty products, gadgets, books, children clothing, art items, and sports items etc. This initiative can really increase your earning significantly.

If you are able to create an online store, you will be earning a certain amount of commission on each and every product you sell. The commission margins are as high as 40% but obviously, it varies depending upon the sort of products you are selling.

Be a Tour Guide

If the country you live in has amazing landscapes and full of natural beauty, it is obvious that it will attract more tourists.

Research shows that the Philippines is one of the most amazing tourist spots in the world. If proper research is conducted and if steps are taken to improve tourism in the country, it will have an amazing impact on overall economic growth.

As profitable as it sounds, you can also earn extra money in the Philippines if you get yourself registered as a tourist guide.

Given that the Philippines is blessed with many lovely and also fascinating areas, one more alternative for you would certainly be to know your own town/city/province and come to be a tourist guide. If you are terrific with people then you can quickly pull this off.

Along with this, it is so much fun to be a tour guide. You get to know amazing people from around the world every single day. You enjoy the company of people from different cultures, and backgrounds.

Be part of any of the tour agency in the Philippines and make extra money. Few of the tour agencies include Viator Tour Guides, Manila City Tours and Private Guide etc. Once you are able to have enough experience in tour guiding you can start your own business and turn your passion into a paycheck.

Teach English To Others

If you are fluent in the English language then start now to teach English in the Philippines to students. You can earn a great amount of additional money through this job.

However, if you are a foreigner and planning to go to the Philippines to make some money by teaching English, you are unlikely to earn a significant amount. The reason is Filipinos are super talented and they go to the university and they teach their people English and earn $200-400 a month, which turns out to be 10,000 – 20,000 pesos. A whole family lives on 10,000 pesos in the Philippines; therefore there is a less chance that you will be getting paid a higher amount if you start working as a foreigner.

In short, if you are native you can earn handsome amount of money while teaching English to the kids and professionals. Once you are able to gain a number of students then you can establish your own academy and turn your skill into business and then enjoy financial freedom for rest of your life.

Make Money from Freelancing Websites

According to Paypal 2% of the working population in Philippines work as freelancers. It suggests that the Philippines is one of the top countries with rising number of freelancers.

In a developing country like the Philippines where setting your own working hours seems like a dream, the freelancing is one of the emerging job markets. Approximately 68% of the cities in the country have an advanced banking system thus allow individuals to receive money from the rest of the world. By 2020 one in every five individuals will be working remotely.

People usually get paid a higher amount online as compared to the ‘real’ jobs. Currently, a great number of individuals worldwide generate income from freelancing sites. You need to market your ability on the internet and earn.

You can do some remarkable jobs like writing content, design an amazing website, and convert a video clip or sound and also converting message right into Philippines or Chinese for a great amount of money.

The well-known websites like Upwork and Fiverr are the major platform where you can get jobs from the clients to earn money. Other than these you can also signup, ProZ, PeoplePerHour, Favser, TransPerfect, Gengo, ProTranslating, Translating Solutions 24, Capita Translation to provide your services to the global community.

Whenever you choose to provide skills on these platforms, make sure you master your skills. Do not just waste your time working for a few bucks by providing minor jobs just to save your job. This will not guarantee a successful career online. If you want to build your brand, make sure you are perfect at what you do.


There are many other ways to earn extra money in the Philippines. If you put a little extra effort you will enjoy your life at fullest. These are just a few ways to earn money while living in the Philippines.

Do you earn extra money in the Philippines along with your regular job? If yes, what particular way do you use to earn extra money in the Philippines? Let us know in the comments section below.