How to retire early at 55

For some early retirement may be around the corner and for others, it may seem far away. Early retirement seems like a dream, but with the rising number of passive income opportunities, this dream has come true. Many people want an early retirement from a 9-5 job, not because they do not like the job, but because they love to travel around the world.

Whatever is the reason, you can always choose to retire at 55. In order to make this happen, you need to take care of a few things. In our list today we have compiled essential aspects which you should keep in mind if you want to retire at 55.

Make the Plan before it’s too late 

When thinking about how to retire early at 55 making a plan is the most important first step.  If you planning to retire at 55 figure out how much earnings you will need when you retire. You can expect fewer costs in retirement, such as a paid-off home mortgage and no investment payments, so you are likely to need less income.

Get clear about what kind of life you are planning to live during retirement. If you want to live a simple life then your retirement income won’t need to be as high.  However, if you want to spend a luxury life, then you may need to consider ways to continue generating an income in your retirement or seeking financial help from others.

A great source of income in retirement is to start and run your own online business.  A popular form of online business for retired people is affiliate marketing.  Training and support with setting up a profitable online business is available at Wealthy Affiliate

Proper planning helps you have a sustainable financial position during the retirement period. In order to have a viable financial position during your retirement period seek help from financial advisers. There are several financial advisers available both online and offline who can help you achieve your goals.

Whether you are just planning for retirement, or you are in your mid-career various financial advisers guide you through every bit of the details which you should take into consideration in order to have a sound financial position during retirement.

Avoid taking financial decisions without the having an in depth knowledge of the field as the consequences of making a mistake could be unthinkable.

How to retire at 55:  Start Earlier

If you want to retire at the age of 55, start working on your retirement plan early on. The earlier you start the better it is. Invest in a variety of sources including investing in shares. Investing in well-established companies can help you get longer and higher level of interest rates.

Apart from this, consider investing in some passive income opportunities. If you are planning to be retired at the age of 55 passive income sources is one of the best ways to be considered. There are several sources of passive income opportunities that include but not limited to the stock market.

You can invest in the stock market and all you need to wait and earn a huge amount of passive income. The interest’s rates of this stock are pretty high. So if you want to be retiring at the age of 55 years and enjoy the rest of life without doing any job, this is the right time to start investing in stocks now.

You can also earn passive income by creating and selling courses. If you love to teach something you are really good at, consider creating some courses and upload them on Udemy. Set a specific rate for the course you have created, and the passive income will flow in. You may have to do some additions once in a while.

Save your Income and Cut Short your Expenses

To retire as early as possible, you need to start saving immediately. Save at least 15% of your regular income on a regular basis. This will help you overcome financial challenges at a later stage.

With every paycheck, make a financial investment contribution to keep the contribution amounts conveniently. Use tax-advantaged plans as much as feasible. Add to your 401(k) plan at the office, particularly if your company matches your contribution that resembles breaking out a loan for your retirement.

Open a private retirement account to get back at more tax advantages. Your pre-tax contributions to a 401(k) and conventional IRA save your funds because the part of your revenue you place it is not subject to earnings tax obligation. In addition to this, you can save your pension with proper planning instead of spending it on different funds.

Intend to save even more? Liberate even more money for savings by reducing services you spend for but do not utilize. Terminate the membership to the magazine you never check out. Cancel your gym subscription if you haven’t gone to the fitness centre considering that January.

Consider becoming one of the many people that redeem their wire membership and also enjoy TELEVISION on Netflix. The more memberships you cancel, the more money you will save. So take those monthly settlements and also transform them into monthly transfers into your interest-bearing account.

Consider Round-Up Programs

It is a very well known fact that little amounts of money can easily add up.  Individual Round Up program policies might vary, but the normal Round Up program looks something like this: whenever you buy with your debit card, your bank instantly rounds up the acquisition to the closest dollar or the nearest $5 and also places the added modification in your interest-bearing account.

See if your financial institution provides a Round Up program, choose how high you want to round up, as well as start saving loan each time you swipe your debit card.

Enhancing your cost savings rate refers finding out just how to obtain money right into your savings account, IRA, or other cost savings automobile before you have an opportunity to invest it on something else. Utilize these tips to get going, and then see simply how much you can actually save.


If you want your retirement period to be full of fun, enjoyment, and worry-free. Follow the steps mentioned above so that you can enjoy every single moment with your loved ones. Make sure you plan for retirement in the best possible way.

Everyone wants to retire at 55 (or earlier), but not everyone is ready to go through all these hardships in making an extra amount to money. If you are really willing to retire at 55, yes this is possible. Start early on and have enough saving set aside to enjoy the rest of your life. Do you have any other suggestion/tip around how to retire at 55, we would love to hear back.