How to sell my books online

If you are keen to increase your book sales then please read this article. As part of the article we will cover a case study of how one successful author is promoting her book online.

Sell books on your own website

Once you have your book the next logical question is – how to sell my book online. This article will cover a variety of practical steps you can take.

You can create your own website and have your book available to purchase directly from your website. You can easily learn how to sell books directly from your website at Wealthy Affiliate.

How to sell your digital books

Amazon Kindle direct publishing has made it very easy to list your book for sale in its website. You can upload the book in a few minutes and have it on sale around the world.

How to sell your physical books

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get a traditional publisher to agree to publish your book no matter how good it is. Even the author of Harry Potter J K Rowling struggled to get a publisher for her highly successful book.

Publishing has moved on now and fortunately you no longer need to persuade a publisher to publish your book. You can do this yourself and self-publish. There are some fantastic companies who provide print on demand services to authors and book publishers like you.

The advantage of print-on-demand publishing is the cost effective nature of the service. You just pay for books to be made when you actually have an order for them. There is no need to pay for a certain batch of books to be made and risk not having anyone to buy these books.

One of the best pint-on-demand companies is Lightningsource – .

Get other people to sell your books

Why put lots of time and effort into selling your books when you can recruit other people to do this for you! This is the option that provides you with a passive income. You can list your book on and give affiliate a commission for any sales that they refer.

Here is what you could do step by step:

1. Create your book – either write it yourself or pay a writer on a freelancing website such as to write the book for you.

2. Create a book cover for your book – either do this yourself or outsource this work on

3. Create a vendor account with

4. Buy a website domain for your sales letter.

5. Create a sales letter for your book. You can either write out a sales letter or create a video sales letter. You can create a video sales letter utilizing software such as Camtasia. Create a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the benefits of your book and record this presentation.

6. Upload this video to and link this to your website.

7. Upload your book to your website.

8. Submit your website for approval by List the percentage commission you will pay affiliate for any books they sell for you.

9. Start selling books and making money.

Case Study – No Fourth River by Christine Clayfield

I thought it might be helpful to pull some ideas listed above into a case study of how a successful author has gone about selling her book online.

Christine Clayfield is a well regarded internet marketer who has recently published a book about her life story called No Fourth River. It’s an inspiring story of overcoming adversity which is well worth a read.

Christine is in the unique position of possessing a high level of skill in internet marketing and book publishing so is probably the best person to learn from. I have listed some steps she is taking to market her book online:


1. Social media campaign:

a. Facebook – She has created a Facebook page for her book:

b. Twitter –

c. Instagram –

d. YouTube –

e. Pinterest –


2. Website – She has created her own website to promote her book:


3. Amazon – She has listed her book for sale on Amazon in multiple formats:

a. Amazon Kindle

b. Amazon Paperback

c. Amazon Audible (audio book) –


4. Online book sellers – The book is listed with several online book sellers such as Barnes & Noble. It’s likely she went with who would have distributed her book for sale with all the major online book sellers around the world.


As you can see Christine has a thorough online campaign to market her book. She is making extensive use of social media, her own website and online book sellers. Some of these strategies would require consistent ongoing activity in order to see results such as needing to regularly post on social media in order to engage her audience.

I hope you can see how you could copy some strategies this success author / internet entrepreneur is using when it comes to marketing your own book.



It has never been easier to make your book available to buy anywhere in the world in both physical and digital format. By having your book available to buy in both formats will maximize your book sales as some people will naturally prefer one of these options more than the other. You don’t want to leave money on the table by not giving your reader the format they prefer.