The thrive themes review

The Thrive Themes Review -

Name:   Thrive Themes


Overall Rank:   95 out of 100


The thrive themes review will explain how this company offers conversation focused WordPress themes and plugins. This means all their themes and related products are specifically designed to turn your website visitors into customers. At the time of writing they have ten WordPress themes and a variety of useful plugins which I will review in the rest of the article.


This plugin dramatically simplifies the process of editing your WordPress website. Whilst WordPress is a fantastic platform for building your website most business owners have experienced episodes of frustration whilst they fiddle around in the back office trying to get their website to look and operation as they wish.

Thrive Architect removes this hassle as it is a truly visual WordPress page builder. The advantage of this visual front-end editor is that it will save you a lot of time when it comes of building out your pages.

This front-end editor allows you to look at the actual post that you are editing so you can be sure your page looks exactly how you have it pictured in your mind.  Without this visual editor you have to waste a lot of time switching between the editor and preview tab in order to get an idea of how things will actually appear on your website.

You click the page to edit the section you are working on.  You can simply drag and drop whatever you need anywhere you want on the page.  If you don’t want to build the page from scratch there are 160 landing page templates which have done the majority of the work for you. 

These templates have a professional design and are conversion focused.  You can create lead generation forms which can connect to your email marketing tools.  This plugin is ideal for content marketing as it allows features such as easily embedding videos, call to action and testimonials.  The company states that if you ever deactivate the plugin or discontinue your membership then your content will not be affected.​

Another excellent option is Thrive Quiz builder.


This WordPress plugin will allow you to speed up the rate at which you build your mailing list.  Most smart marketers know that the majority of people that visit their website won’t return. 

It is also commonly known that a purchase decision is usually not made until at least seven contacts or interactions have been made with the potential customer.  There is therefore an obvious need to capture website visitors email addresses in order to stay in touch with them otherwise their potential business will be lost forever.

Some of the best conversion and list building strategies are incorporated into this plugin.  There are a number of impressive options.  It allows you to create pop up light boxes and slides forms.  You can insert opt in forms inside your content or in your side bar.  There is a variety of conversion optimised templates to choose from. 

A concern for many business owners is whether or not this form of plugin is compatible with their auto responder.  Well, Thrive Leads is compatible with all major auto responders. 

The plugin includes a powerful A/B testing system.  You can create several variations of the opt in form in order to determine which converts at the highest rate.  It’s an intelligent testing system as you can set the parameters in such a way that once enough data has been collected it will automatically pick the winner and eliminate the less successful variations.

You can control when and how the pop up box appears.  You can choose to have the box appear after a set amount of time after the visitor arrives at your website.  Alternatively, you can even choose for your box to appear after the visitor has scrolled down part of your web page.  The box can also appear when the visitor takes an action to leave the site.

Ultimately what you get with this plugin is the ability to carry out real world research into the most effective conversion strategies for your business.  It will give you all the necessary tools to work towards building your list at a faster rate.


This plugin gives you a system for capturing and displaying testimonials on your site.  If you are not already using testimonials on your website you may well be missing out on a simple strategy which is known to increase conversions.

With Thrive Ovation you are going to get a plugin which makes the process of capturing testimonials very straightforward.

Testimonials provide a form of social proof which can sway an unsure potential customer into a buyer.  The difficulty most marketers have is that whilst they realise the power of testimonials, collecting them can be pretty tricky. 

The plugin allows you to add testimonial capture forms to your site.  The visitor is asked a series of questions which prompt them to note down helpful and relevant details.  This can help produce the kind of rich detail in the testimonial which will be more persuasive to the potential customer.

There are attractive templates you can choose from to display your templates.  You can locate your testimonials exactly where it is required on your site.  In summary this plugin is going to take the stress out of creating and displaying your testimonials.

Who is Thrive Themes for?
It is for entrepreneurs who are focused on building successful businesses and marketing their website.

Thrive Themes Tools & Training
There is a comprehensive package of training in the form of Thrive University.  This includes step by step video tutorials which build your knowledge and skills in the necessary use and application of the various products on offer.

My Final Opinion of Thrive Themes
It is ultimately going to save you money on hiring expensive designers and developers as you will be able to do it all yourself. 

Thrive Themes at a Glance...
Name:  Thrive Themes
Price:   Thrive Themes Membership - Yearly - $273.60.



  • Karina says:

    Hi Russell, thanks for a very thorough and informative review. I have my own blog, and have actually quite recently changed the theme of the wordpress site. Always loved the look of the Thrive Theme, I’ll have to reconsider now 🙂

    Thanks again 🙂

    • Russell says:

      Hi Karina, thanks for the comment. Yes some of the themes from Thrive are rather attractive and focused on increasing business conversions.

  • Mel says:

    Hi Russel, I love the idea of these themes, they can really make my life as blogger easier and take away some of the stress. I’m just wondering, can I only use them if I sign up to the yearly membership fee? Or can I obtain them in another way that is more affordable?

    • Russell says:

      Hi Mel, you can become a thrive member which give you access to all their themes and plugins for the 19 dollars / month (paid annually). Alternatively you can pick the plugin you want and pay just for that which is more affordable. So the plugins like Thrive Leads are just 67 dollars.

  • Hans says:

    This sounds amazing. I have tried some apps that capture email but usually it’s complicated and requires certain fields to be mandatory. Also to be able to edit in retime! That would be fantastic. Trying to size a photo and align it can be a real pain going back and forth using preview. I may give this a try. Have you used the capture pages? What do you think of the format?

    • Russell says:

      Yes being able to edit in real time really takes the stress out of working on your website. There are lots of options with the capture pages and it’s likely even the most demanding business owner is going to fine a capture page which meets their needs.

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